Dentists Who Do Not Require Dental Insurance

A big reason people stop going to the dentist is because of the cost. Most people do not have dental insurance which means they have to pay all costs associated with a dental visit. And the problem with this is that you do not always know what will happen at the visit. You think you are going in for a cleaning and learn you need to have three cavities filled. This can be a shock to your budget. Even if you do have a dental plan, not all costs are covered.

The majority of dentists do not require patients to have dental insurance. However, some now require upfront payment before they do work. This is understandable from a business perspective but it can deter patients from using their services. Others allow you to make payment arrangements on extraordinary costs. These payment plans may require a significant down payment as a good faith gesture that you plan to honor your debt. You want a dentist that allows this flexibility in payment for services.

You can find a good dentist that allows patients to make payment arrangements. The more traditional methods are still available. These include getting recommendations from friends or using your local yellow pages. You can also get information about dental practices from your community’s chamber of commerce or comparable member organization for businesses. Once you have a few names to consider, you are ready to perform the more in-depth research to confirm qualifications and verify experience.

Contact your state dental board to see if a particular dental professional has the appropriate license to practice dentistry. You want to find a dentist that has the experience you need.  It is nearly impossible to determine this without a face-to-face meeting. Visit the dental practice and request information about services.  Ask if you can schedule a consultation because you are looking for a new dentist. During the consultation, you should be provided with a portfolio of satisfied customers as evidenced by before and after photos that represent the types of services provided.

When you are satisfied with the quality of services and the credentials of the dentist, you can ask about the office’s payment policies. Most dental practices have these available in writing so you can easily compare options from several different offices. A dentist that wants your business will review your situation on a case-by-case basis. You may find that they have a sliding fee scale in place that you can use as long as you provide current employment and income information.  In all likelihood, you will have to complete the required paperwork every time you want to take advantage of the sliding fees.

It is not difficult to find an Encino dentist that does not require dental insurance. What becomes challenging is finding one you can afford when you have to pay for more than basic services. When you request payment policies from several different dental practices, you can easily find the dentist that best suits your needs.


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