A Few Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile - In Findlay, OH

If you are unhappy with your teeth, gums or bite, visiting a cosmetic dentist can help. While all dentists have been trained in the proper care and treatment of teeth, cosmetic dentists have additional experience with improving the appearance of your smile.

Tooth whitening is a common procedure that a cosmetic dentist offers. Having brighter teeth can give you the confidence you need to smile more.It is a relatively simple procedure that lightens the shade of your teeth and removes stains. These stains can appear on your teeth from a variety of sources, including food and drink that contain dark pigments.

Tooth whitening materials can even be purchased over the counter, but for the best results it is recommended that you see your cosmetic dentist. She can examine your teeth and decide the best way to proceed depending on the shape and shade of your teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist can also reshape your teeth if you are not happy with the way they look. This is a popular choice among those who have long or pointy teeth that don’t fit in with the rest of their features. Reshaping files down part of the enamel of your teeth in order to make them look more even. This procedure may even be used in place of braces in some cases. If you have a small chip in your tooth, reshaping can fix it and even it out again. It is important that the tooth is not filed down so much that the dentin is exposed. This can cause pain and allow decay easy entry into the tooth.

Dental veneers are another service that can be offered by your dentist. These are thin porcelain laminate pieces that are attached to the surface of your teeth.If whitening or reshaping your teeth does not give you the results you desire, veneers may be a good option. They can improve the look of your smile by hiding any discoloration and filling in spaces between your teeth.

If you have missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist can help.He may recommend a dental bridge to fill the gap. This bridge is placed in the space and bonded to the teeth on either side. It is a permanent fixture and cannot be taken out of your mouth. Dental bridges can feel much the same as your own teeth and provide you with a stable and attractive solution to missing teeth.

Your Cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH can help if you are feeling insecure about any part of your smile. Make an appointment to see your cosmetic dentist today.


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