Things To Know About Your Dental Cleaning in Las Vegas

In today's modern world, it is easy to get swept up in the day to day activities and run around and forget about how important it is to see a dentist for a regular cleaning. Dental health has been in a serious decline in America for some years now, and while more and more technology and tactics are being devised to slow and stop the problem, the best thing you can do to make sure your dental health is safe is to get a regular cleaning.

In most dentist offices you'll need to see at least two different dental health pros, the main dentist and his dental hygienist. These two people will work in tandem to make sure that you have a professional and high level cleaning performed but also any other preventative maintenance performed while also making sure that any future visits are scheduled. You'll be walked through the entire process step by step and can expect incredible results almost immediately after your cleaning is performed.

The way it works in most dentist offices is like this - you'll be ushered into a comfortable office and will meet with the dental hygienist first and foremost. They will give you a quick interview asking basic questions, things like how often you brush, if you are feeling any pain or sensitivity, when your last checkup and cleaning was, etc. Once all of the basics have been covered they will give you the preliminary checkup, which is super non-invasive.

This is to identify any hot spots that the dentist will want to look at a little more closely when they perform the cleaning. You may or may not be given some tips and techniques for proper dental care procedures like flossing or brushing effectively, and they might even give you a little goody bag of supplies.

Shortly after they leave the primary dentist will see you, going over all of the information that the other dental professional received. This is just to double check and verify the information and make sure that all of you are on the same page. If there are any hot spots or concerns they will address them quickly and effectively before proceeding with any cleaning.

The cleaning process itself is pretty simple and standard - you will be given a quick check for the integrity of your teeth, a spot check with a dental mirror, a washing and picking up any plaque or debris build up, as well as suction to remove all of the excess fluids. Some Las Vegas dentist offices go so far as to buff and polish teeth in the same process, but some do not.

From there you and the Las Vegas dentist will talk about any potential follow up work that needs to be done, any preventative maintenance measures you can handle on your own, and when you should come in for your next checkup/cleaning. The entire process is quite simple and pretty painless, and you'll be assured of having top level dental health the moment you are done!


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