The Importance Of Proper Oral Health in Chicago

You might need a dentist for any number of reasons. The most common need for an adult dentist is teeth cleaning. Dentists recommend having your teeth cleaned twice a year to maintain good oral health. Maintaining proper oral should be a goal for everyone.

Reasons for maintaining oral health are numerous. First and foremost you must consider the main purpose of your mouth and it is not for speaking. The mouth is where digestion of food begins. Our teeth come in several types as follows: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Each type of tooth has features that make it adept to certain types of chewing. For instance, incisors are used to rip, like meat from a bone for example. Molars are used for grinding hard foot items like nuts.

Without proper oral health, you put yourself at risk for ailments, which may lead to having teeth pulled, or your teeth simply falling out. As you loose teeth, you start to loose the ability to eat certain types of foods. The chewing process is what begins the digestion process. It is important to chew food thoroughly enough so that proper digestion can begin. As the food is chewed in your mouth, more surface area on the food is created. With more surface area, the digestive enzymes in your mouth can work more efficiently.

Also as you lose teeth, you will lose the ability to eat certain types of food, which results in having your diet unintentionally restricted. Thus, it is clear how important it is to keep all of your teeth. You can easily find a dentist that will help you maintain good oral health.

There are also aesthetic reasons for having a healthy mouth. Rotting or missing teeth are simply physically unattractive and could also cause your mouth to emit offensive odors. Right or wrong, society often judges people based on their smile. It would be hard to imagine a television personality with decaying teeth. Also people with nice teeth tend to be more confident and socially active.

However, the health reasons alone should be incentive enough to see a dentist regularly as you cannot afford to loose teeth. Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons, such as bacterial infections. Such infections usually begin due to poor oral hygiene, such as failure to brush your teeth and/or floss. Though such infections are preventable and can be effectively treated by a Chicago dentist, if left unchecked, these infections can destroy your mouth. The most common of these conditions is called gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. Normal gums have a color that is almost a pale pink. People with gingivitis have bright red or purple gums.

It is important that children be taught proper oral hygiene routines and that such routines constantly be reinforced. Also teach your children by example. If your child sees you brushing your teeth and flossing daily, there is a better chance the child will adopt the same good habits.


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