What To Expect During A Dental Exam

Whether you are completely comfortable or suffer a bit of anxiety when visiting your dentist, it is important you know what to expect during a routine dental exam.  A good dentist will actually explain the exam in advance as well as with each step of the process so you know what is happening.  This will help you relax and allow you to have a positive dental visit.

Your dental professional will begin by evaluating your general health.  You will be asked to disclose any medical conditions or medications you may be taking that can affect your oral health. Diseases like diabetes can increase gum diseases. Certain medications can cause severe dry mouth which can increase the development of cavities.  Accidents that resulted in whiplash might be the cause of jaw and tooth pain. It is essential your dental professional has your complete medical history, including any over-the-counter medications or supplements you might be taking.

After a review of your overall health, a detailed examination of your oral health will commence. You will be checked for cavities and root decay. This will be accomplished by taking multiple X-rays of your mouth from various perspectives. Your gums may be tested for possible gum disease if you are experiencing specific symptoms related to this condition. All cavities will need to be filled to prevent further damage.

The physical exam of your mouth will include looking for any sign that you might have oral cancer.  Your dental professional will touch certain areas of your jaw and neck to see if you have any swelling.  Even your tongue and cheeks will be examined.  You might be asked about any unusual bleeding or sores in your mouth.  Screening for oral cancer is routine for patients who smoke.

Next, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned.  Every licensed dentist will know the appropriate cleaning techniques but may supervise hygienists who perform some of the cleaning functions.  This will include flossing afterwards.  If your doctor notices you are slacking on your dental hygiene routine, he will discuss options that might include more frequent visits to his office.

An increasingly common component of dental exams is counseling.  Your dental professional will talk to you about your diet and other lifestyle choices that might be contributing to poor oral health. Because people are living longer, they are more interested in keeping their teeth rather than using dentures. Dental professionals can help you maintain proper oral health so you can achieve this goal.

You might want to know about ways to enhance your smile.  A cosmetic dentist is qualified to discuss ways to brighten your smile or correct the placement of your teeth.  If your dentist does not have these qualifications, he will gladly refer you to a specialist who can address your concerns.

Seeing a dentist in Alpharetta GA does not have to be a chore. Having a good understanding of a typical dental exam can help you relax. Once you know what to expect, you can look forward to a great visit with your dentist!


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