Surprising Reasons To See Your Dentist

A person needs to make sure that their mouth is healthy.  Have you ever tried to eat or drink when you have a mouth that is in pain?  Anyone that has ever had any issues with their teeth will tell you that there is nothing more painful than a cavity or other dental problem.  A dentist can help you take care of any problem you may be having, but did you know that there are other reasons to see your dentist over than making sure your teeth have no cavities?  Did you know that the health of your teeth can be the sign of something bigger that might be going on with your body?  

The Silent Killer of Many  

An adult has two kidneys in their body.  The kidneys perform many functions, including the cleansing of the blood.  The toxins and other impurities get flushed out of the blood then go to the bladder where they are expelled in the body through the process of urination.  There are times when a person may be having an issue with their kidneys and not even be aware that there is a problem.  Some people do not pay their medical doctors frequent visits, and then only go to the doctor if they are feeling sick.  When it comes to issues concerning the kidneys, there are not always obvious symptoms.   However, keeping that appointment with your dentist might just prove to be the difference between life and death.

A Closer Examination of Your Teeth Will Tell the Tale

While you are visiting your dentist, he or she may ask you many questions about your oral care.  If you happen to mention some things such as having many episodes of bad breath, this may be a sign of your kidney issues.  The oral examination may also reveal one or more teeth that have become loose.  This is another sign of something happening with your kidneys because without the ability to absorb calcium, which is part of your kidney function, then your bones will start to show this lack of strength including the bone of your jaw.  The weak teeth that may soon begin to come out will alert your dental professional that there may be one of many things wrong with you.  He or she is going to recommend that you seek out your regular doctor for a standard checkup.

The Best Trip to the Dentist That You Ever had  

The dentist you went to see saved your life.  Because the dental professional examined your teeth, he or she saw signs that you had another medical issue going on.  You were able to go the doctor, get tests run, and the problem with your kidneys was discovered.  You are now on the road to a rapid recovery.  You situation may be a lot different if not for the visit to the dental clinic.

Dental professionals can do a lot more than just check for decay in your teeth, remove plaque, or fill a cavity.  A dentist in NorwalkCT is a lot more than a person familiar with teeth; they are professional familiar with the human body and can save the lives of their patients by simply looking into their mouths.


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