How to Make Healthier Recipes

Your Sweet Tooth Can Be Healthy Too

Dieting does not have to be a drag and several healthy snacks can keep your sweet tooth happy as well be rewarding nutritionally. Apple slices and carrot sticks can get boring fast and several quick snack and dessert recipes can be found that are made easily. Several diet snacks are also available but will contain preservatives and high sodium contents, which can cause bloating.

Eating too many raw vegetables and fruits or fiber can do the same and diet foods should be introduced in growing increments or portions. Many healthy prepared store supplied snacks, desserts will also include above average doses of fiber, protein, and vitamins that can help support a dieter’s nutritional supply especially if exercising and burning fat.

Many healthy treats can be made at home much cheaper than store supplied foods and can still supply the low cards and sugar while boosting nutritional values without preservatives. A quick snack can be made of fruits, yogurt and granola or cereals such as Grape nuts. You will layer this treat in a fashion similar to cheesecake, by first layering the bowl with the cereal or granola, then the fruit or yogurt.

You can have several options for fruit and use the options that are seasonably available and fresh for the most vitamin potential. Even a quick version using fruit jams can be healthy such as blackberry jam that the antioxidant value of the blackberries outweighs the sugar content and sugar free jams can be substituted.

Many dessert recipes will now offer fat-free versions and substitution options. Applesauce can be used as a substitute in several baked dessert recipes in place of sugar. Other substitutions can involve yogurt and nonfat milk products as well as imitation sugars.

The various substitutions will change the recipes slightly and it may be necessary to experiment with fat-free and low calorie alternatives to achieve a useful and tasteful dessert.

 A dessert very low in calories and cholesterol can be quite simple using angel food cake, skim milk and sugar free pudding. For a tasty treat, one can buy or make an angel food cake and break into pieces and layer in a deep-dish container. Prepare sugar-free pudding using skim milk and pour over cake, do not let pudding set before adding to mix.

Top with low fat whipped cream and chill. This recipe can be experimented with using coffee flavorings, various puddings or yogurts and fruits. Each addition or change will change the calorie content and a serving of original recipe will only have approximately 150 calories.

Other flavorful ways to have desserts can be simple like dressing up bananas with a light caramel sauce, cottage cheese topped with pineapples or other fruits or plain angel food cake topped with simply fresh fruit like strawberries and a drop of fat-free whipped cream. Milkshake lovers too can make healthy milkshakes by substituting yogurt for ice cream and using fat-free or skim milk. 

A favorite milkshake substitute is a recipe using frozen strawberries blended with a key-lime pie flavored yogurt and skim milk which will have you sipping a completely fat free strawberry-lime smoothie that tastes just like a milkshake. 


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