Top 5 places to visit before you die.

Hi, I'm Mike and I enjoy traveling around the world when I get the time. My travels so far have taken me to China, England, Scotland, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, USA, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. I thought I would give you a little list of the top 5 places I have visited to date.

1. Cairo - Home of the pyramids, Sphinx and is the capital of Egypt. Cairo is the largest city in Africa. While you are here make sure you visit the river Nile, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, The ancient museum, and the markets. The vast natural beauty of this place is overwhelming.

2. Niagara falls, Canada - I had the pleasure of visiting Niagara falls in my teenage years. It was winter and there were very few tourists about. In the summer months it gets crowded and sometimes you can't get to the rails to see all of the waterfall. Make sure you go on the lady of the mist boat ride. This will take you right up next to the falls, just make sure you bring waterproofs. You should also visit the tunnels which go underneath the falls.

3. Gwithian, Cornwall - I visited Gwithian last year on holiday with some friends. It's fair to say we had the time of our lives. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see and great waves make it the perfect beach and surfing holiday. Unfortunately the English weather can let you down, so for the best chances of decent weather you should go in July or August. Make sure you visit the Jampot Cafe, or Sunset surf cafe for amazing views of the shoreline from above the dunes.

4. Great wall of China - I went here with my brother two years ago. It was a fantastic experience. You really can feel the ancient history all around you. While you are in China try to make the most of it if you can by visiting the terracotta army, Hong Kong, Mao's tomb, Tiananmen square and Beijing.

5. Ben Nevis, Scotland - The climb up Ben Nevis may be exhausting but it's worth it if you are taking in the brilliant scenery all around you. You get a birds eye view on top of the UK's biggest mountain of the highlands in all it's glory. While in Scotland be sure to visit some of the lochs and try some of the local produce.

Before embarking on your journey's make sure you have a decent canvas backpack, outdoor clothing and medications. Far too often I have seen travelers under equipped.


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