The Dancing Dunes Of Rajasthan At Pushkar

Come November, we invite you to witness the Dancing Dunes of Rajasthan at Pushkar, near Ajmer for a lifetime experience of the Incredible India.

Pushkar is located on the Aravalli Range which happens to be one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. This small township is bestowed by extensive sand dunes, sandy fields, beautiful hills and captivating sunrises and sunsets. Apart from the religious experience, Pushkar of Rajasthan beckons tourists mostly for the exciting camel safaris amidst the desert sand dunes. The camel safaris take one to destinations past small villages and as Pushkar fair time is usually crop harvesting time, the views are especially enthralling. These Safaris provide a rare chance to explore tough terrain of the Thar Desert. The contrast to the dull desert landscape is a riot of colours - the multi coloured turbans of the local villagers arriving here to trade their animals, and the bright colours of the traditional ghagaras (long skirts) of the village belles sporting bangles by the armful and wearing heavy jewellery from head to toe.

For miles together, vast swathes of the dismal desert come alive with thousands of colorfully bedecked camels, multi-colored stalls and camping families during the Pushkar Fair. This religious, cultural and trade extravaganza attracts more than 50,000 camels which either participate in the camel races or are sold in richly decorated saddles. There are camel rides and camel races.

Souvenirs Galore

The fair provides a dazzling display of bangles, brass ware, clothes, and necklaces of glass beads from Nagaur, pottery, printed textiles from Jodhpur and Ajmer. Silver Jewellery and bead necklaces patchwork, printed textiles are popular shopping items in the fair.

Fun Activities at Pushkar

Other attractions include gliding in the hot air balloon. The Sky Waltz offers elating balloon flights over Pushkar. Other fun-filled activities at Pushkar fair are puppet shows, shopping and competitions of different themes. Movies are shown, competitions are arranged and for the connoisseur, wandering minstrels recite and sing tales of valor and heroism of bygone days.


According to a legend, Brahma was looking around for a place for Mahayagya and he found this place suitable. In this context, Brahma came to know that a demon, Vajra Nabh, was killing people in this region.Lord Brahma killed the demon Vajra Nabh by hitting him with only a lotus flower, whose petals floated down to earth and landed in three places in and around Pushkar where lakes sprang up.Lord Brahma and other gods and goddesses, performed a Yagya to protect this place from devils.

Accommodation in Pushkar

Pushkar offers a wide variety of accommodation. Right from luxury star resorts to budget accommodations, heritage villas and tented safari camps; Pushkar has it all to suit the needs of every traveler. The exclusive Man Mahal Palace Tourist Bungalow was built by Raja Man Singh. 

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