Best Pet Free Vacation Spots That Will Steal Your Heart

If you are planning to take some time off from your dreary routine, there is no better place to spend your vacations than the Caribbean. Endless sea, beautiful islands, warm sun and shinning sand… what more can you expect from this heaven-like place? The challenge is to decide which Caribbean island is best for you. For those who want a pet-free place there are a few options, so read on.

One of the calmest, most inexpensive and the least crowded beach can be found in the Bahamas. Serene nature and unreal beauty of these islands attract a lot of tourists every year. If nature, trees and beaches are not exactly for you, you may also give the beautiful resorts a visit and mingle with the locals. They are kind and friendly to the tourists.

If your budget is relatively high and you have a bit of money to spend, St. Kitts and Nevis should be on your priority list. The place that are most recommended are the converted sugar plantations. St. Kitts and Nevis is the least developed island in the Caribbean but it is the richest in oceanic wildlife and diving tours of sunken vessels, if it interests you.

Jamaica is also one of the best pet-free vacation spots. Jamaica is already a well-known vacation spot because of the James Bond films and its elegant resorts. During the early modern and late medieval age, when the pirates were on their prime, it was the richest place in the Caribbean. However, there was a huge earthquake that destroyed its foundations to the core. It is true that nature lovers find it overly commercial and filled with way too many resorts. It is advisable not to visit the island by yourself and off the tour groups, as an earthquake could occur at any time there.

If you are into good beaches, Antigua and Barbuda are the best places out of the Caribbean for you to visit. You can also enjoy cricket games throughout the island left behind by the British colonizers. Don't forget to visit the 19th century Anglican St. John Cathedral.

If you are keen to explore the underwater life, don't forget to visit Cayman Islands.

Going deeper into the discussion of the best pet-free vacation spots, Caribbean islands are known to be the only vacations spots in the world that come with a host of universal attractions well received by all personalities and tastes. You can see volcanoes in Bahamas and Barbados, while St. Lucia, Cuba and Jamaica offer massive mountain ranges for adventurous sports.

Anguilla is another vacation destination that is suitable for visitors of all kinds. It is the best spot for the families with small children and also couples. You can also explore the marine life and spend your day at the beach.

Thus, it is quite clear that Caribbean Islands are universal in character. To keep this article nice and short without bombarding you with information, we will cover only a handful of the islands. It is believed that Barbados offers you the real taste of traditional holidays. However, it is not so perfect if you come to Caribbean in search of peace as this particular island has the highest concentration of the tourists.

In other words, Caribbean Islands are the best pet-free vacation spots to go for a vacation.

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