Popular destinations for Mauritius holidays

Mauritius is a fascinating country. The culture and tradition of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, are blended in the rich multi ethnic heritage of this small island nation. Although the main attraction of the country is its scenic coastline, there is plenty to do and see in Mauritius other than lazing in the tropical sun and swimming in the warm water of the Indian Ocean.

The diverse landscape, natural opulence, historic sites and bustling marketplaces ensure that visitors to the island are never bored during their holidays to Mauritius. Mauritius holidays are always a pleasurable experience for people who visit the island for warmth and sunshine.

Popular holiday destinations in Mauritius

Grand Baie
The touristiest area of Mauritius is located in the northern coast of the island in Grand Baie. This popular holiday destination is home to a wide range of hotels and resorts. You can easily find an accommodation according to your budget in this bustling region of Mauritius. The area is dotted with shops and restaurants. The water is crowded with boats that carry tourists to the northern islands. To avoid the crowded beach of Grand Baie, head to one of the neighboring fishing villages where you can relax, swim or snorkel in the cobalt blue water of the ocean.

Port Louis
The capital and biggest city of Mauritius, Port Louis, is the economic center of the country. One of the wealthiest cities in Africa, Port Louis is home to bustling markets, exclusive restaurants, lively pubs, and a number of museums and religious places. The city boasts of a number of well-preserved colonial buildings and museums. The Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum are among the popular attractions of St Louis. The busy Central Market is a great place for shopping. As most of the residential areas of Mauritius are located outside the capital city, primarily in the towns of Central Plateau, Port Louis becomes unusually calm after dark. The Caudan Waterfront with its shops and restaurants appears to be the only interesting area to enjoy the nightlife in St Louis.

East Coast
The east coast of Mauritius has the largest concentration of the island’s best beaches. The marine park at Blue Bay is a popular attraction. Snorkeling and glass-bottom boat trips are organized to help visitors explore the rich marine life inhabiting the coral reef close to the island. A number of popular diving spots are located in this region. Belle Mare is one of the prominent windsurfing sites in the Mauritian coast. There is no dearth of plush accommodations in this part of Mauritius.

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