Why You Should Choose Estonia as Your Next Holiday Destination

Forget about Bali. Forget about your plans to have a safari adventure in Africa, try something different and unique this year: the marvelous and inspiring Estonia. Not so long ago a hidden unexplored gem, Estonia is an increasingly popular European destination. If you haven’t studied Estonia’s travel guide yet, here are some reasons why you should consider this former Soviet country for your next getaway:

Postcard Medieval Castles

A valid reason for history lovers as well as for romantic spirits, Estonia’s castles make a fascinating discovery. As most of them were erected sometime early in the 13th century, they speak about the most tumultuous times of the Estonian history. Some were destroyed by warring factions along the years, but many have already been restored to their former grace and glory. They are now open to the general public as museums displaying artifacts from the foregone eras, housing restaurants, wine cellars and romantic hotels.

A rich cultural heritage

The starting point of any vacation in Estonia is, of course, Tallinn – the capital city. Home to the best preserved medieval quarter in Europe, Tallinn is very much alive and bustling. Spend your day touring medieval castles, climbing historical towers, visiting old churches and strolling along the charming streets of Tallinn’s old town.

Great value for your money

Estonia is one of those tourist destinations that don’t involve dent your budget. You can find decent hotels that won’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, many of the attractions are free.  While in the Estonian capital city, don't miss the opportunity to sightsee Tallin's Old Town. It won’t cost you a dime to visit the city's historical churches, to stroll in its beautiful gardens or to explore Pirita neighborhood and its beaches. In the same area you will find a Promenade perfectly suitable for scenic walks.

Oldest Wine Recipes

The Rakvere Castle is said to have been founded in 1226 and the artifacts and relics that have been collected from the spot indicate that it was first inhabited by the Vikings. The Vikings mostly used wooden materials to build and fortify the castle but later the Danes came in and replaced this with stone structures. During the Livonian war, as history points out, the castle was destroyed by the Russians but it ended up under the control of the Swedes. In 1605 the Poles blew it up and it is now home to the oldest wine recipe in the world.

Amazing Folklore & Mystical Legends

Despite a troubled history, the Estonians knew how to keep their national identity intact. They are now proud to share ancient myths and legends with tourists coming here from all over the world. For instance, Haapsalu Castle is home to one of the most revered legends in Estonia. Rumor has it that during the moonlight in August nights a white lady appears on the inner wall of the chapel. The only thing to do if you want to check the legend’s validity is to immerse yourself in a mythical atmosphere by visiting this magical country.


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