Where Are the Best Places to Put Flyers?

Flyers are one of the best methods of direct marketing, which make your business reach out to the targeted customers without any intermediary in between. Even in today’s age of TV and Internet, flyers are still yet effective in promoting your business’ products and services, provided you know how to make them and where to place them. In this article, we shall look at the latter aspect.

Direct marketing via flyers or banners is among the promising means to get maximum return on your advertising dollars. This is because it helps in initiating as well as expanding your customer base.

By reaching out to your customers directly with the help of a clearly designed flyer, there is no doubt that you tend to attract a lot of new customers irrespective of their location and type. It not only fetches you a big number of patrons, but it can also target a specific customer group effectively, let’s say only children if you are dealing with products related to them!

Your job is not done only by creating appealing flyers; in fact, it is also vital to place them at effective spots. More effective are the public places where masses tend to go and come frequently.

However, at the same time, too crowded places are also that effective; let’s say shopping malls, because people are busy shopping there and hardly have time to look on ads unless they are placed near lifts, restaurants, or game arcades. Anyways, read on to know some most effective places for placing flyers.

Home Doors

What can be better than this? Door-to-door dropping seems to work really well when your goal is to gather more and more customers irrespective of the gender, caste, and culture. Believe me; people will at least see your flyer even though they might tear it afterwards in case it is of no use.


This is another cool place that hardly anybody targets for flyers. Because it is not packed with ample of flyers and banners, your unique flyer is sure to attract the eyes of all those who come to ATM. Nowadays, ATMs are one of the most common ways to withdraw cash, which means more people and more eyes reading your flyers.

Billing Offices

How about putting your flyer such that people standing in queue can at least do something useful while waiting to pay their bills? Sounds unique, right? If you are permitted to place the flyers in such places, chances are more that most people will see your ad and spread it through the word of mouth!

Bus Stops

This is another great public place for hanging flyers. People waiting in queue really have nothing useful to do. Therefore, they are more attracted to read some ads placed on the bus stop poles (but ensure that it is legal to place flyers there). Even those who pass through the bus stops can see your flyers, especially if the bus stop is near a traffic signal!

College Campuses

This is the best place to hang flyers that is geared towards recruitment or part-time job opportunities. College students are frequently in search of good earning opportunities. Therefore, they often read flyers. It is better to hang them in general areas, provided the college permits to do so.


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