Dog Obedience Training Facts

Dogs aren’t perfect

Everybody loves their dog but that does not always mean that they are in love with the things that they do. Not the cute, hilarious things—the destructive and annoying things that leave people at their wit’s end.

Maybe they incessantly bark, tear up the furniture or jump up on and misbehave when guests come over. What ever bad thing it is they do. Everybody knows that dogs are not perfect.

In fact, many times it's the dog's owner who is at fault for these issues, much like parents with their children.

Training Takes Time and a Whole Lot of Patience

As with any sort of process, patience is a necessity. Training your dog will not be a swift and easy process. You must exercise a great deal of patience so that you will be met with successful results. Here are some tips on training your dog.

Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog

Start Early When your Puppy is Young

  • If you have a puppy, you should begin training right away

  • A trained puppy makes for a well-behaved dog

Be Gentle and Patient With Your Dog

  • Be gentle when training your dog and be patient

  • Train them using positive motivation rather then negative

Don’t Bore Your Dog with Silly Training Methods

  • Make the training process stimulating

  • Keep your dog actively involved

Earn Your Dog’s Respect and They Will Perform Better

  • You cannot be too lenient with your dog

  • Your dog must have respect for you to obey

Do not be Contradictory with Your Dog

  • Never reaffirm negative behavior

  • Do not reward bad behaviors

Do Not Be Too Loud by Shouting at Your Dog

  • You do not need to shout very loud to enforce a command

  • Do not scream at your dog this may only bring negative results

Be Clear About What You Want Your Dog to Do

  • You should always speak clearly when commanding your dog

  • You should make sure that the message of what you desire them to do or not to do is clear

Correct Bad Behavior Immediately so the Dog Knows

  • Teaching is vital to training your dog not to misbehave

  • Communication is crucial as well

Timing is Everything When You Are Training a Dog

  • Timing is very important when training your dog to be obedient

  • You should make sure you are prompt with your reward for good behavior or reprimands for bad

Do Not Get Angry With Your Dog

  • Do not yell or hit your dog if they frustrate you

  • Respect cannot be earned through violent means

Punishment is Not a Proper Way to Train Your Dog

You should never use choke collars and leashes or shock collars as means of training your dog. They are cruel and may make your dog unhappy and fearful of being hurt all the time. Punishment such as this is never the answer.

Remember that Training Takes Time

Training is not an instantaneous thing. You must develop a sense of communication and trust between you and your dog. You must learn to read their body language, this is vital to knowing a dog’s mood.

If you become aware of how your dog thinks and acts, then you can better develop a strong relationship with them and they in turn will be more inclined to obey your commands. It is not just a dog’s body language that you should read, but also the sounds they make which also have deeper meaning.

If you are confident that you can successfully train your dog and eliminate the bad behaviors that they have then the dog will be more trusting of you as a whole. And you can build a strong connection through mutual trust and love.

Above all just be patient and understanding with your dog. 


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