Housebreaking a Puppy the Right Way

When you bring your new puppy home there are things to do. One is letting the puppy know where the food dish and water dish will be for them. Then show them their new bed they have to lay in.

Most people will either have newspaper laid out on the floor or a puppy pad of some sort for when they need to go to the bathroom. These are important things your new pet will need to know and you will have to start training it to use it on the item. If not then they will end up ruining the carpet or rug you have in your home or if you don’t have that and just regular flooring you will be busy cleaning and sterilizing the floors constantly.

When you notice the puppy has to go lead it to wherever you have the item placed and put her on it. Once it uses it there then it will normally remember the odor and go back. Sometimes it is a good idea to offer the pet a reward when it does a good deed.

This will eventually kick in to the puppy and will want to be rewarded more for its good behavior and will go back to the same area. You have to remember to be patient because not all puppies will get it the first few times and there will be cases where they have an accident. Try not to get to upset with them because then they could start doing their business anywhere is the house just to be spiteful.

A puppy that is six to eight weeks old has a small bladder therefore they will need to go about every one to three and a half hours. Whereas an older dog is able to wait a few longer, contemplate the potty time with the events of the puppy’s day. Here is a list that might be able to help you.

Your Daily Schedule forthe Puppy

  • When you wake up in the morning while you are eating then feed them and give them water

  • After about fifteen to twenty minutes take them outside to the area you want them to relieve themselves.

  • Praise the puppy for doing a good job and then you both can go back inside the house or play outside for a little bit as part of its reward

  • While in the home you need to set up a feeding schedule for the puppy. People who let them eat anytime of the day will never fully get their animals potty trained

  • Let them roam freely around the house but keep an eye one him.

  • If you see the puppy sniffing around like it is looking for a place to go then lead him toward the potty training area. Always make sure you clean that area well after they are done.

  • In the evening after he has eaten then wait a little bit and take him back outside for the night to use the bathroom.

Once you have done this for at least a week watch how the puppy reacts when it is time to go relieve itself. If it starts scratching and crying at the door then you will know he is pretty much potty strained. Just remember to let your puppy know when it does a good job by either clapping your hands in praise or giving it a treat. You can of course do both.

It will encourage them to want to do it over and over again. Although when they do have an accident they need to be disciplined but only at that time and no more like shaking your finger at them and telling them no or bad dog. Do not keep going on about it or scream at them because this can scare them and then they might not even use the bathroom for you.

Some people will use a potty crate if this is something you think you might be interested in then you have to get one that is big enough for him. Also consider that he will need room to walk around a little and a space to do his business.

When you see he has then you will need to clean it up as quick as possible. Leaving it behind will just make it a bigger mess for you to clean up later if he decides to play in it. Most people only use these for when they are going to be out of the home for a little bit or at night time.

Strategies You Can Follow

  • Always know where the puppy is at all times

  • Purchase baby gates until they are fully potty trained this gives them space to roam but also an easier way you can keep an eye on them

  • Rewards and punishment is important at all times, but remember that punishment does not include physical or verbal abuse, or even raising your voice! Be calm at all times

I hope that this article helps you in training your puppy. If you do have any questions or comments, please leave them below!


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