Are Pit Bulls Born Fighters?

If you're still believing everything you read, watch or hear on the news today, you probably believe a lot of silly things these days. For instance, years ago people generally assumed that Pit Bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier's) were natural born killers. Killers that had jaws that locked and snapped for no reason. Look, I'm not calling those people stupid, I'm just pointing out that they're simply being fed stupid myths. Myths that have gotten millions of great dogs killed for absolutely no reason at all.

Yes, there's been some 'crazed Pit Bulls' over the years, but there's been a lot of stories that were falsely reported as Pit Bulls. Most of the stories are of mixed dogs ("muts") that have never been socialized, and most likely mistreated all of their lives, including being beaten. It's a sad fact that there's even been Pit Bulls that have killed babies and even grown up's. But this is not the fault of an entire breed, much like the irresponsible people who owned them are not the fault of the Human race. The humans who take these dogs in have responsibilities, including socializing their dogs (any breed) from birth. If you keep a dog (any breed) locked up in a back yard and never played with, you will have problems with that dog.

I go to the local dog park several times a week with my dogs and we interact with other breeds there, including many "Bully" breeds, such as Pit Bulls. The dogs you see at the park wouldn't hurt a fly. Know why? Because the owners of these dogs have been socializing their dogs. They started at an early period in the dog's life, but they've also spent plenty of time playing with their dog and teaching them right from wrong. This is not something you'll hear about when it comes to a dog who has attacked (for no reason) some random person or dog.

Pit Bulls are great dogs. Believe it or not, Pit Bulls were once the face of the Marines. Some Pit Bulls have been known to save lives, such as this stray Pit Bull who saved a Mother and her child from a knife weilding man, or this one who saved a woman that was being beaten by her ex-boyfriend. It's just rare to hear anyone mention the good deeds done by a Pit Bull because -- wait for it -- they do not get viewers. People couldn't care less about good Pit Bulls, but their eyes are glued when something bad happens. It's just a part of human nature.

There's a lot of mean, aggressive dogs in this world, unfortunately. But the fact is, most of these dogs are the product of their environment, including some Pit Bulls. Do your job as a dog owner and socialize your best friend. If you're looking to adopt a dog, make sure that you focus on proper training and learn how to socialize the dog(s) before it's too late. You would be very surprised by how many great dogs are sitting in the "shelter" that are already socialized and ready to take on a role as your new best friend.

Something you should know is that most Pit Bulls are very hyper. They love to play, jump, pull, fetch and run full blast. They're great dogs for those who are extremely active, but can be a hand full for someone who would probably be better off owning a lap dog. 

Don't fear the American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed. Fear the idiots who use them for their sick and twisted games, as well as those who use them to be their verbal and physical punching bags. If you see anything like this, please call your local Police Department and follow that up with a call to your local SPCA or Animal Services. You'd be surprised how many times the police will ignore this stuff in some areas. Following up with Animal Services or SPCA ensures that someone is going to do something about it.

NOTE: If you notice an APBT with scars on his nozzle, this is a sign that he/she has been fighting or has been used as a "bait dog.

There you have it. APBT's are not natural born killers. They're trained, accidentally or on purpose, to become what they are.

As the saying goes: Ban the deed, not the Breed. The breed isn't the reason for Dog Fighting, Humans are.


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