Sash Windows Are No Longer Hard To Come By

Years ago making Sash windows were one of the trade skills of a highly skilled carpenter. The ability to create stylish sash windows in PVCu is now common place. A sash window is a unique design and is unlike any other window on the market today. With movable panels, or sashes, hold the panes of glass and add a level of style to any home.

With the public's growing desire for traditional living, the trend towards building of period type properties has seen a re-emergence of these beautiful windows is definitely on the comeback.

Unlike old properties modern sash windows are made from PVCu and are highly thermally efficient. They are great at keeping heat in and sound proofing. The old rattling wooden windows of the past have now been replaced by smooth running, tight closing future proof windows that require very little maintenance.

Modern sash windows come conveniently in various colours and wood effects. Finishes include Oak, Pine, and Maple and even aged (destressed wood effects). Most common colours include: a bright cheery red, a sombre grey, stylish brown, a striking black and of course the ever present titanium white.

Don't forget, you can't paint these new windows, so what you choose now is with you until you replace the windows. Like most double glazing guarantees, 10 years is the norm, so choose carefully! It is also important to ensure you choose the right window design that matches your home.

Sash windows, though very popular in traditional buildings were not the only window with a long tradition. Arched windows have long been a favourite with house builders. In fact arched windows date back to roman times. Arches are responsible for the famous key stone locking system used by builders of the past.

Today's equivalent of an arched window is made from tough durable PVCu polymer and is far more durable and sterile than its predecessor. But is the spirit of craftsmanship lost? When something can be reproduced time after time with no imperfections is the character of the building lost? Does modern living leaves little or no room for imperfection? The answer should be yes.

In a society that is far from perfect, old traditional values and the imperfections that are naturally present in manmade objects, imperfection should be embraced. Alas, modern society is full of contradiction. So with the bench mark of modern double glazing being perfectly reproduced replicas of an age gone by, conformity is the order of the day.

Thankfully even though production methods have changed the basic look and feel; today's sash windows, along with composite doors, are as valued now as they were when the roman legions marched across our land.


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