The Top 3 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The best way to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate is to create an optimise ecommerce site. The reason people tend to shop online is simple - for convenience. So making your site as convenient as possible to use will ensure you will reduce your shopping card abandonment rate from the very beginning of the consumer's experience.

1. Honest Shipping Charges

Being clear and upfront about your shipping charges will encourage users to shop. No one likes the feeling of having the wool pulled over their eyes and when it comes to online shopping you should always aim to have your customers feel completely at ease during a transaction.

To avoid this it is best to be clear at the beginning about the shipping charges you offer; or better yet, to provide an incentive such as free shipping when they purchase over a certain amount. Customers therefore won't get surprised with any added charges when they come to the purchasing pages, resulting in an automatically reduced shopping cart abandonment rate.

2. Competitive Pricing

It is now common practice with online shoppers to 'shop around' for comparison as the internet provides such an easy way to do so. With so many sites offering similar products, internet savvy shoppers know there are often great deals to be found by spending some time searching.

While you can't always out-price competitors, you can ensure quality and discourage abandonment through other online distractions - such as a suggestion tool or opportunity to write their own review.

3. Site Speed

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons shoppers chose to buy online is the convenience that online shopping offers. A quick and easy way to ensure shopping cart abandonment is to have a slow site load speed! Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a page to load - especially when time is of the essence.

If your competitor's site performs at a higher speed than yours, you can be sure you are losing potential customers for this reason. So before you speed money and time on driving users to your site, be sure your site can handle the traffic.

While there are many, many more solutions for reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate, these top 3 tips are sure to improve it dramatically. Focusing on these essentials will produce immediate results and once you have dealt with these, you can begin tackling the smaller details.

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