Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Top 5!

When it comes to online shopping most people can agree on one thing - how convenient it is! So if you are finding that your traffic is high but your conversion rates are low, perhaps you should take a look at why. And then try to do something about it!

Why do shoppers abandon?

A huge percentage of potential customers drop off during the purchasing process. This is called shopping cart abandonment. While there are a number of external reasons as to why a customer may abandon a transaction, there are also a number of ways you can improve your site to ensure it is not a factor in encouraging abandonment.

Make sure your pages load quickly.

Patience is very much a virtue when it comes to online shopping. A site that takes too long to load will result in people dropping off at a fast rate. As online shopping is such a convenient way to shop - anything that makes it inconvenient may put off customers for good.

So before you spend time and money trying to drive people onto your site, make sure you have a website build that can handle all the traffic.

2. Be up front about your shipping costs.

Some people love surprises, but the majority of people hate a certain kind of surprise - the expensive kind. Quite often your customer is shopping online to not only save time, but money too.

Not being up front about your shipping costs will discourage customers to spend money on your site. If a customer is only notified about shipping costs at the very end of an online transaction, they will be sure to feel a little deceived.

As trust is such a huge factor in online shopping, making sure your customers are entirely aware of costs throughout their shopping process will ensure they don't end up feeling 'tricked' by delayed shipping costs.

Make the checkout process as short as possible.

As shopping online is so much about saving time, make the customers life easy by creating a checkout process that is short and sweet. Too many pages will drive a time constrained customer away quicker than you think.

Allow customers to purchase products without signing in.

Asking customers to create an account with you will make it easy for you to collect their information and provide a customized shopping experience. However, studies show that forcing customers to sign in can really increase the shopping cart abandonment rate - as many don't want to or simply don't have time.

Consider including the option of letting them purchase without creating an account and you will soon see an increase in your conversions.

Send an email reminder to customers who abandon their carts.

Ok, so technically this won't help to reduce your initial shopping cart abandonment rate but it will secure some conversions from those who have already abandoned. Re-marketing to those abandoners will bring them back onto you site and encourage them to make a purchase.

Consider including an incentive within the email to entice them - such as a discount on the product they were in the process of buying!

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