Why Interactive Classes are So Helpful
It is evident that traditional ways of learning involve teachers or lecturers controlling the college classrooms. Teachers were supposed to talk while the students listen. It is therefore, recommended that teachers should learn the importance of active learning.  
Interactive learning means instructors intellectually involve students to actively participate.  This involves them giving some time break for students to contribute to the topic directly.
Interactive classes can be done in so many ways. The teacher can start with an engagement trigger. This will automatically capture the learners’ attention, making them participate to the motion.  Again, the teacher may integrate an activity that gives the students a chance of putting into practice what they have learned.  
Interactive classes are helpful in so many ways, from researching what has been carried out over the past years.   Lecturers from various institutions have agreed on the importance of interactive learning. Applying this technique has shown improvement to students’ performance.
This is because; interactive classes involve all students answering questions. When students answer questions they get to learn the best way of answering questions, and how to handle each question in all aspects.
Students can develop critical thinking proficiency. This is because; interactive classes allow students to participate in many activities. They will therefore, develop the aspect of thinking critically while handling any problem or specific activity. The more you participate the better it is for you.  Teachers can also have a chance of accessing students in class. Interacting with students directlycan help you judge the efficiency of each student.
The instructor can also get the feedback on his teaching.  When students give answers to questions asked, responsible tutors can tell whether his or her delivery was well. If questions are effectively answered, then it means the topic was clear.  From here, one can decide on an effective strategy to improve his way of delivering on the topic.
Getting students to participate in any of the class activities, furthermore, increases the student's interest of learning.  By giving all students an equal chance of participating, their curiosity is peaked.  Without interactive learning, students might lose the morale of listening, and moreover their understanding rate lowers. This method of learning also raises the degree of learning.
This is because; students will be looking forward to attending the lecture.  It is obvious that if they attend the lectures, then they will give substantial results.  Additionally, the aspect of boredom will not be an issue. When students get chances of interacting with their tutor, or other students directly, they will not be bored with the lecture at all.
Students moreover, get more skills during their interactive session with the tutor or fellow students. From the lecturer, you can learn new ideas concerning the questions you ask.  Most of the times,students think they have to have perfect answers, but from other students and tutor’s points of view, you learn more about the way you answer.
Interactive video is another way that utilizes the method.   This is also an effective method for those who study away from the learning institutions. It allows direct visual contact with your tutor.


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