Who is this David Zhao, aka Dawei Zhao?

Have you heard about David Zhao, also known as Dawei Zhao? If not, chances are good you will hear of him in the near future. David Zhao is quickly becoming one of the most popular entrepreneurs, social activists, and scholars online today. To understand why this is happening to David, one must first understand what it is he is doing and how he is changing the world, one step at a time, in his own unique way.

To begin, David Zhao is known for his role as the CEO and founder of MoreViews Inc. MoreViews is known as a leading online provider for various types of media promotional services. Some of its clients include those from the worlds of businesses, entertainment, various organizations, online marketers, successful agencies and many individuals. All of these concerns have one thing in common: they want the best when it comes to promoting and marketing their businesses or their ideas.

David Zhao was instrumental in setting up MoreViews, and as such has turned the online marketing world upside down with his new, innovative ideas on how to reach more people with more powerful messaging. However, Dawei Zhao has done much more than this in his life.

In addition to MoreViews, David also co-founded ETCB, an organization that is dedicated to stopping cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has claimed the lives of many people to date. Many of these victims were youngsters who took their own lives as a result of the torment that they were exposed to via online bullying. Stopping this senseless act is a major goal and concern of David and ETCB. His goal is to spread awareness of cyber bullying and to bring about a more positive online atmosphere that all can enjoy and benefit from.

In David Zhao's mind, cyber bullying is more than just one person picking on another needlessly or with malice. It is about helping all those concerned to understand that cyber bullying occurs each and every day via email, social networking sites, and instant messaging. For some victims, the onslaught of bullying can be relentless and lead to damages to the person that are often far worse than a physical attack was what bullying was in the past.

Dawei is also known as the creator of the Hydronic Solar Wall System. This new concept can revolutionize the current air conditioning technology that is being used all around the globe. David's love of science, combined with his concern for the overall health of our planet, was the genesis of the exciting idea in modern technology.

Through his passion for a cleaner, safer environment, people may, finally, find a way to live more comfortably while at the same time, protecting the earth from harmful vapors and emissions that are known to come from air conditioning units worldwide. His ideas and views of the Hydronic Solar Wall can be found in multiple science fairs and competitions and also on many online sites such as Youtube. He encourages those who care about the planet to visit his online video and learn more on what this new technology can be and how it can help protect us all.

What's next from David Zhao? There're rumors of him creating the next web 2.0 social networking sites such as Facebook. Is it true? We will have to wait and see.

Visit this site to learn more about David Zhao, also known as Dawei Zhao and his remarkable achievements in online marketing, social activism, and environmental issues.


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