Essential Tree Surgery Equipment

Tree Surgery is not as easy as it looks. Working with large trees everyday can leave a few scratches here and there, or worse, if the proper safety equipment isn't used. Tree felling is similar to logging, which is the second most dangerous job behind deep sea fishing. To ensure you are always safe when working with trees, follow our advice on the right equipment for the job.

Safety First

Every job title requires different equipment. A tailor needs a measuring tape just as much as a tree surgeon needs a hard hat. Safety is imperative and that's why hard hats and goggles must be worn at all times in case of a falling tree. Ear protectors need to be worn whilst the chainsaw is being used to muffle the harsh noise. Gloves are also required as trees can be diseased, and this helps from spreading the disease to other plants.

Climbing High

At times, tree surgeons have to climb extremely tall trees. This can be difficult as trees can be fragile and have many obstructions, such as tree branches. Large trees require climbing in order to reach the top. Either way, tree surgeons must use a harness. The harness stops you from plummeting to the floor if you miss-place your footing, and instead suspends you in mid air. It also reassures the climber that they are safe to do their job.

Using The Best Tools For The Job

There are hundreds of different saws and drills that tree surgeons can choose from to use for each job. Before you start working on felling a tree it's important to know which tools are best to use. Hand saws are essential for cutting diseased or damaged tree branches and are commonly used by tree surgeons. Chainsaws are used for felling trees or trimming larger branches. Protective gear must be worn at all times when using these tools.


With all this equipment to cart around from job to job it's essential to have a vehicle large and sturdy enough for it all. Trucks with open compartments at the back are favoured by tree surgeons. This gives them room to load up their equipment with ease, and doesn't restrict how many tools they need to take with them. Make sure you safely secure all your equipment in your truck so that nothing comes loose - this can damage the equipment and the truck.

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