How To Properly Give The Gift Of Security And Independence Through A Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is a gift that not only provides seniors help with the touch of a button; it also provides them with a greater sense of independence. However, many seniors are reluctant to use a medical alert system. It is a challenge to accept the aging process and have the roles reversed between child and parent. Therefore, it is important to have open communication between a senior and their loved ones and discuss the importance of having a secure safety net in place in the event of an emergency. Giving the gift of a senior medical alert system offers year-round peace of mind and 24/7 access to assistance, but it should be done properly to ensure that the senior maintains their sense of control and self-respect.

Communicating with Seniors
Open lines of communication are vital when it comes to providing care that meets both the physical and emotional needs for seniors and their loved ones. Stress and anxiety arise when a senior begins to feel a loss in self-sufficiency. A medical alert system can provide a senior with a greater sense of independence, while simultaneously providing everyone involved peace of mind. Communicating frequently with seniors about proper healthcare can help make the process of aging less intimidating.

Providing information and knowledge about a senior medical alert system and how it can improve quality of life and reduce stress will help the senior feel empowered. The saying "knowledge is power" is true even in this circumstance. The more informed a senior feels, the less hesitant they will be to receiving assistance through a medical alert system. As various aspects of a senior's life begin to change, helping them maintain control and independence is critical to their emotional wellbeing.

When a Senior is Resistant to the Idea of a Medical Alert System
If a senior views caregiving or using a medical alert system as a sign of dependency it can be beneficial to involve a third party to help communicate the positives. Being forceful with a senior is the worst road to take and can create tension and broken relationships. Often times a senior will be more likely to accept advice and assistance when the one advising them is a trusted doctor or medical professional. Offering the senior various options of caregiving allows them the freedom to decide what will work best for them. Highlighting the following benefits of a medical alert system helps seniors see the positives and be more accepting of the assistance.

How Seniors Benefit from a Medical Alert System:

- Maintain their independence
- Remain in-home, rather than an assisted living facility
- Peace of mind year-round
- Quick access to assistance whenever needed
- A safeguard for emergencies
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Added sense of control over their healthcare and their life

If the senior is informed of the benefits of a medical alert system and informed on their ease of use, they will be more accepting of this service.

Giving a Senior Medical Alert System for The Holidays
Giving the gift of a medical alert system provides constant companionship in a non-intrusive way. The security and independence they provide a senior is invaluable. By keeping the lines of communication open and gently expressing concern, seniors will feel loved and treasured, rather than incompetent and offended. Highlighting the benefits of a medical alert system decreases intimidation and prompts seniors to acceptance. Allowing a senior to remain in their home and providing them peace of mind, security and feelings of independence and control are gifts they will value the rest of their life. A medical alert system provides a huge bundle of benefits and makes giving thoughtful, sentimental gifts this holiday season easier than ever. Ensuring that a loved one has the ability to access help in the event of an emergency is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

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