9 Reasons for Business Email Marketing

Our Top 9 Reasons For Business Email Marketing Are:

1. Segmentation - you can deliver different messages to customers and readers tailored to their individual needs. You can seperate those who have bought from you onto one list, and those who are yet to buy onto another list. This is the most important segmentation. You can further segment both your client list and your prospect list based on age, sex, location, and income.

2. You can personalise every message - With email you can write a message which addresses them them by name in the title of the message, as a salutation, and several times in the body of the message.

3. Shelf life is longer than a tweet or facebook 'like'. An email remains in your customer's inbox until they either open or delete it (although most people will tend to open within the first 48 hours).

It is also simple for readers to forward your email to everyone whom they think could benefit from reading it.

4. You don't need to spend much! Email marketing is very inexpensive. You can host your email list on your own computers or (a better option) use the services of a dedicated email service such as aweber (which we use) GetResponse and others.

5. You control the design. All of the major services come with a variety of templates to get you started and if you want to brand each email with your own logo and company information, you can easily have a template customised for very little.

6. Statistics - with email you are able to track click rates, open rates, bounces, subscribers, un-subscribes, social integration, activity on-site -- you can view all of this and more.

You can even drill right down to an individual client and establish what they looked at -- so you know what messages and subjects they are interested in. This information used to take weeks and months to collect when postal mail was all that was available. Now you can have the same information in minutes.

7. Email is highly portable - your readers can view your emails on tablets, smartphones or their desktop.

You can offer your subscribers the option to view a text only version of the email or full HTML designs.

8. You can build relationships inexpensively - you can send a welcome email to new subscribers, wish them a happy birthday or give them a sneak peek of a new product or sale before you announce it publicly on the web.

Previously, sending such messages cost a lot of time and money in postage costs. Now it's almost free.

9. Customer feedback - people will tell you things via email which they won't say in public or on the web -- particularly if the issue is personal or price sensitive.

Using email surveys or polls is an effective means of finding out what your customers and your prospects really think. Prospect surveys often reveal that your prospects haven't bought from you because they didn't understand your offer. YOU thought it was perfectly clear. THEY didn't.

Now you have the opportunity to explain your offer again, in a new way ...

Roy Preece has been teaching online sales techniques successfully for over ten years. Roy successfully trains people on email marketing, web marketing, article writing, affiliate marketing and joint ventures. For more information, visit http://emailmarketingbuddy.com


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