Using Email Marketing Lists

When starting up or growing an online business, you need a good product and you need people to buy it!

You get these people from your emailing lists. These are targeted sales leads of people in your field who are interested in buying the product or service you are selling.You need to build your own list slowly and surely and not make the mistake of renting or buying a list no matter how tempting.

Here is why:

A rented list in theory is the answer to your quick fix problems. You are just starting up, you need some cash and you need some customers and a man comes along who says he has a list of 50000 people who shop in your very market and he will send them your introduction and sales letter for only £250.But how is this possible? Are there even 50000 people in your market? Is it possible they all wait by their computers for this chap to send them other people's sales letters?

When you use a rented sales list, you never get to see the email addresses … otherwise you would have bought them not rented them.

So you have no way of knowing if the emails you rent are ever really sent, or if they are sent to fake addresses or if they are just put in the bin or if the original polite letter is sent or just a headline and a price.You have no control.


You hand over your reputation to someone who is unscrupulous enough to send his customers unsolicited emails. So you end up in the junk folder of the very leads you wanted to cultivate in the first place.

Secondly, buying a list is one of the only email marketing ideas that is worse than renting a list.If you a buy a list, you get lots of potential email addresses for potential targeted customers. Great.

Except that they hardly ever are potential targeted customers. Most lists that get sold are old or inaccurate lists with fake accounts or dead addresses or spam extra filtered. Because if the list is any good, the owner won't sell it. Any list is more precious when it is private, because the leads aren't being exploited and there is a trusting relationship in place.

As more of the world becomes technology savvy clients have pre-set filters to bounce any emails from unknown sources or with certain words in the title …. because they know they get spammed on them.

So, do the leg work, improve your website, get in the forums and on the blogs engaging with your customers leaving a link to your website, place solo ads, buy clicks (a chance to see your site, why not) and upload some videos of your product to YouTube and see your list build quietly and healthily with genuine targeted sales leads.

Roy Preece has been teaching online sales techniques successfully for over ten years. Roy successfully trains people on email marketing, web marketing, article writing, affiliate marketing and joint ventures. For more information, visit


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