Mens And Womens Shoes - What You Should Know

Though women may not realize it, men's shoes really do mean a lot to them. Often, men only own a few pairs of shoes, whereas women own at least 20. This may make it look like men really don't care about their footwear, but it really means quite the opposite. Men do not become attached to their shoes in the same way women do.

They do not find them in a shoe store and rant over how gorgeous they are or what colours they come in; they see them, try them on, and decide whether or not they are worth the money. This is a serious process with a lot of thought put into it, though the decision may take minutes. If the shoes make it through the decision making process in the shoe store, they are sure to be worn often.

Men have very few shoes because those few are the ones they find most durable and worthy of being worn. The shoes go through everything with a man. Certain shoes are deemed the first date shoes; these are the ones he feels he looks best in and go with most of the casual but nice clothes he would wear to impress a woman.

Some shoes are work shoes, from business styled loafers for men in the office to boots for men whose work takes them out in the dirt of nature. Some shoes are for comfort, to be worn inside or on a day with the kids.

A certain pair of sneakers are for playing or watching sports, when a man just needs some time from work to sit with some friends and watch the game. A camouflage pair of men's boots has seen every hunting trip he's been on. They have experienced the success of a good day and a bad day in the deer stand. The shoes worn with a certain pair of socks have walked the greens in many golf games, however good or bad the player.

The same nice business shoes can be turned into church shoes on a Sunday morning. Even in count, this only describes 6 pairs of shoes. These shoes each have their own special place in a man's life, and no unnecessary shoes should be added in a man's mind.

So women should not misunderstand men's relationship with their shoes. Though it is much different than a woman's favourite set of heels, a man's favourite pair of shoes have that same importance in his mind.

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