How to Make Print Picture Designs for Custom T-shirts

You used to wear T-shirts when you were still a teenager and you think that they went out of fashion. The truth is that T-shirts never get out of fashion and many people use them such as musicians, corporate businesses and so on to popularize themselves or their products. In fact, you have a chance of making your own custom T-shirts and put pictures if you so wish. If you have been wondering how you can make a picture print design of your customized T-shirt, here is the stepwise guide that can help you:

  1. Design the picture you want to use on your custom T-shirts or upload it from the various media where you store your pictures. There are various programs, which you could use to create text and pictures including Microsoft Word or specialized design programs such as Corel draw and so on.
  2. Once the picture design is ok, print it on a sample on a plain white paper and examine to ensure it is exactly what you wanted to have on your custom T-shirts. You could make any adjustments you deem necessary
  3. Images and text should be designed in n mirror or backward flipped manner. Use a photo editing software in mirroring your text and images.
  4. You can then place the iron transfer paper to the printer correctly by placing the correct side of the paper. Many people often do mistakes on placing papers. Follow the correct instructions provided on your ‘iron transfer paper’. If this is done well, print the picture or image to the paper and give it time to completely dry.
  5. Trim the extra paper around the printed picture, preheat the iron and place your T-shirt on a hard surface. Ensure the T-shirt has no creases. In case the T-shirt has some creases, iron them until it is flat with no creases and it is well mounted on the hard surface.
  6. The next stage in making your picture prints custom T-shirts placing the ‘iron transfer paper’ on the area you want to have your picture print and ensure the printed surface faces the T-shirt surface. Iron image ensuring even heat and pressure distribution on the entire surface of the picture (transfer paper).
  7. When ironing the transfer paper, it is advisable to begin from the top part, then the bottom before ironing the edges of the transfer paper in circular motions. You should repeat the process until you notice that the print has completely been transferred to your T-shirt.
  8. The final step on how to make a print picture on custom T-shirts is peeling off the remaining transfer paper part while there is still some heat. This is necessary in getting a satin, smooth finish of your picture print on the T-shirt. Let it cool for some minutes and peel off the ‘transfer paper backing’ for a glossy picture print finish.

These are the simple steps you should follow when making a print picture on your custom T-shirt prints. If you have several pictures, you should then print several pictures on the ‘iron transfer paper’ and follow the above steps. An important thing you should ensure is that the prints have been placed on the same spot on the T-shirts.

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