Feng Shui For Your Backyard

Transcending a Boring Backyard Landscape

Summer and warmer weather seasons have many flocking to the backyard for outside fun and pleasure. It is necessary to have areas for lounging and for fun but having too much clutter or the simple layout of structure can make backyard visits a hassle and not much fun. Many will spend most of their energy and time on the front yard as it represents the energy of the house yet the backyard may suffer and throw everything out of balance as it is often forgotten and overlooked. Incorporating a little Feng Shui into our backyards to create a friendly oasis can greatly enhance and provide a pleasant experience.

There are five elements that are necessary to incorporate to create Feng Shui landscapes and these are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Finding creative ways to use these five elements will take some planning and creating a balance of the five that compliments your private landscape. Depending on the size and area of how the yard is used will necessarily need to combine functionality in some cases. Having a fire pit or area for fire will need careful planning in regard to structures and trees. One may want a fire pit next to their patio yet if you have dry shrubs or vegetation close by it could be hazardous. As well to have a fountain or water area will depend on the location and availability of water.

Once you have planned and determined what options are available finding Feng Shui items for your backyard can be quite fun. Picking items from the five elements will consider that some planning be designated so that the items balance. Large modern metal structures may not compliment wooden items as well water items can over run a yard if not planned properly.

Supplying the water element may be as simple as placing a bird bath near your garden or flowering bushes. Bird baths come in several varieties and styles beyond the old white stone favorite of old and pieces that can really compliment your design structure. You can balance a water area with small wooden fencing or borders that can include various metal sculpturing as well. When working in a small area it may be necessary to designate one area for Feng Shui and including the elements be designed to closely interact.

 In a larger yard it may be much easier to spread the Feng Shui throughout the entire area by providing fountains and more wooden structures such as wagon wheels and other decorative pieces. In a larger area it is much easier of course to incorporate the earth element with a large garden or flower area. One will want to follow seasons and supply items that will thrive and also incorporate some of the wild and natural plant life into the mix. Having a yard to manicured and planned can kill the Feng Shui effect as well plants and vegetation should be uplifting and colorful mixtures.

One of too much of one type or colored plant can throw off the balance and low hanging or down growing plants will draw down the energy.  Do not only plan to plant along the ground but find ways to hang plants along fences, windows or trellises to keep the mood and energy uplifted and relaxed. Feng shui offers so many personal opportunities to grow and become one with our backyards it is a fun and adventurous project that can help us create a relaxing and uplifting area of our own. 


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