Can I Collect Unemployment, Social Security and Pension at the Same Time?

Is “Double Dipping” Illegal

Unemployment rates and forced retirements have many searching for jobs and applying for governmental assistance. As the job force increases in competition level singling out many of those who are caught in a system that determines them to old, unviable or unfavorable as a new employee yet too young for retirement can find many fumbling for help. It is legal to apply for all benefits that are available and one does not overlap or diminish the other if processed properly.

Circumstances may designate that one is laid off from a position of employment and applies for Unemployment assistance. Once they have applied and are receiving their benefits one may also receive their Pension from previous employers and be age determined for Social Security benefits. When processing all assistance available and being honest in income, when applying will not make assistance inaccessible. It is available and when one applies and is honest then legalities will not be an issue. Some assistance may be determined, such as Unemployment by what other assistance is available for maximum amounts allowable.

One can receive penalties and refusal if not supplying the information of income properly and benefits can be suspended or denied. With the availability of assistance and government aid one would feel that the means are allowable and would feel as well silly if they did not take advantage. It is hard with such a changing economy to rely on values of savings and job security. 

With the extra benefits available now through the government it would be a mistake to not investigate the possible assistance and programs available. Some who may have early or forced retirements can collect Unemployment and Pension both while accessing programs for training and job search assistance. It may be available also to find available grants from the government for schooling and training in a new or designed employment field if one is not able to reach age for social security assistance soon.

Finding all allowable programs and benefits can be a hassle yet if one is not working then it may be the prime time to put the effort into finding all available avenues of assistance. Visiting local government assisted agencies will help put one on track to the available programs.

Not only are many older individuals now stuck in the compromising position of unemployment and drawing pensions but also caring for young children still at home. Varying programs are also available for those who still need childcare and schooling as well as programs for health and other benefits.

Researching all possible avenues will help in maintaining a household and a standard of living necessary to remain an active individual in the possible job force. These benefits can help smooth a rough patch, enable one to find new work, and are available to be used when necessary.

Some may feel guilty or believe that the “Double Dipping” act is hurtful to the economy and fiscal government though those who actually deserve assistance are mirrored by those who simply illegally manipulate the system. Is it better to let reserved financial assistance that one is entitled to, to simply slip away to those who are fully capable of managing, yet do not?


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