Does Menstruation Attract Sharks?

Sharks are known to have an extremely strong sense of smell for body fluid. However, blood is the most known body fluid that sharks are most attracted to. They can detect even just a small drop of blood from miles away. This amazing theory was proved right when experts conducted an experiment by having a dead fish placed in the water. Just after a while, a great number of sharks appeared because of the dead fish’s blood. They never moved the carcass to attract attention, but amazingly, the sharks could be able to smell the blood from a distance and be able to locate where it is exactly coming from.

The question that many people are really curious about is whether blood from a menstruating woman can be detected by sharks or even human urine. This question might get a lot of people confused. Although there is no existing recorded evidence about it, this could be very possible. Unless we get women who are willing to take part in a research to prove this theory and risk their own lives, then it will just remain a mere speculation.

However, the conclusion will only be drawn from facts such as: women who are menstruating are easily picked from far by canine species like dogs. And if this is true, one can easily conclude that even sharks, whose sense of smell is twice (or even more) that of dogs, can be able to detect a menstruating woman, specifically the blood coming out from a woman’s genitalia.

Statistics have shown that more men have been attacked by sharks as compared to women. This can be attributed by the fact that men have been more active when it comes to marine life like scuba diving, snorkeling, reef sighting, and more, as compared to women. Before, most marine activities were thought to be male activities hence only few women were engaged in marine activities like ocean diving or surfing.

Very few women who engage in such activities will have less risk for a shark attack. Men could be found diving in deep seas and take part in this activities that would definitely increase the risk of being attacked by sharks. That is why every research keeps showing that more men have fallen victims of shark attacks than women. However, the number of female being attacked by sharks has also increased at recent times.

This is because more and more women these days are taking up men dominated activities like diving and surfing. They are exposing themselves to those activities that increase the chances of being attacked by these deadly sharks.

However, this should not raise alarm that menstruation might be the main reason. It is not a cause but rather a speculation. Until now, there is no scientific proof that menstruation is a risk factor for shark attacks. We have seen many menstruating women diving safely.

The good news is women could continue enjoying the ocean and the fun activities it has to offer. But always observe the necessary precautions and do not forget that whether menstruation does attract sharks or not, these aggressive sea beasts are very unpredictable and would attack anyone at anytime if they wanted to.


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