Most Ferocious River Fish of the Mississippi River

There is nothing quite as frightening as the idea of having a ferocious fish lurking in the depths of a well-known River of Mississippi. This spectacular river is said to have around 119 species of fish from Walleye, Sauger, Bluegill, Crappie, up to the deadliest of them - the bull shark. What really is a bull shark? Why is it that people fear these ferocious creatures? And why are they considered extremely deadly and different from other sharks?

The bull shark is said to be the one of the most dangerous and ferocious sharks in the world according to some people.  This is merely because they are considered to be the most aggressive types of sharks. They tend to hunt in pairs under water where people swim –that is along shorelines.

Not speaking about how big they are and have stout-like bodies, they can still swim fast. While females are much bigger than males, they can be up to 6 ft to 11.5 ft long and they can live up to 16 long years. Bull sharks have gray on their top and slightly white on their belly. The tips of its fins are dark. Historically, there are among other sharks like- the great whites and also the tiger sharks, as these three species of sharks are likely the most ferocious river fishes.

The Bull shark can swim in through both salt and fresh waters and could travel very far up on rivers.  A bull sharks is primarily a solitary hunter however they sometimes hunt in groups. They are extremely territorial and would attack anything that enters their territory. Bull sharks usually stay in deep shallow waters; they may be considered a great threat to people than any other sharks.

That’s why humans fear Bull sharks because unlike their cousins, the great whites and tiger sharks, they tend to attack in their will or you could say “unprovoked” attack. Scientifically, the humans are not really a part of the bull shark's prey. Scientists thought that whenever a bull shark attacks a person, it is because the fish is just curious or rather because it has mistaken the pray as a person. But then again there have been many cases where bull sharks have attacked many humans in the incident of the “ Shore of Jersey shark attacks in 1916” and was the motivation and inspiration for the novel of Peter Benchley “Jaws”.

Some of the animals that Bull sharks prey on are mainly fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and any other sharks during their hunt, both day and night. The bull sharks attack their prey through ha head-butting habit; Using its short, dull snout, and angry personality thus it got its name as “Bull Shark”.

As of now they are found cruising along the shallow, water around the world’s oceans and even rivers, including the Mississippi River. They currently are safe and is not endangered in any way. However, they are being fished widely for their meat, flesh, hides, and even their oils; and their count are slowly shrinking little by little. A study has been found that their normal lengths have declined greatly over this past decades.


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