All about Dolphins

Dolphins are very special and intelligent mammals. They have a very unique relationship with humans. The fact that the dolphin is so intellectual is one of the many reasons why humans always want to do studies and follow up on new research with the mammal.

The reason the dolphin is so popular with humans is because of how friendly they are. Scientists have gone to all boundaries to study and watch the mammal in the wild and those that bred in captivity. The things that people have learned over the years are outstanding and they know there is a lot more to be explored and discovered about these amazing creatures.

Habitats for Dolphins

  • Ocean

  • Shallow seawater

  • Cold waters

  • Warm tropical waters

  • Continental shelves

There are at least thirty six dolphins found all over the globe. Thirty two of those are marine dolphins and four are river dolphins. The name dolphin is believed to have come from the Greek language word meaning womb. Dolphins have several names the young are referred to as a calf and the adults are cows. The male dolphins are referred as bulls and a group of them is often called a pod. There are a lot of people who also refer to them as a school when they are grouped together. Each dolphin is unique in its own way and different when it comes to each species.

Species Types

  • Bottlenose Dolphin

  • Striped Dolphins

  • Spinner Dolphins

  • The Chinese White Dolphins

  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

  • Clymene Dolphins

  • Commerson’s Dolphins

  • Common Dolphins

  • Dusky Dolphins

  • Fraser’s Dolphins

  • Hecktor’s Dolphins

  • Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

  • Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins

  • Risso’s Dolphins

  • Rough Toothed Dolphins

  • Irrawaddy Dolphins

  • Pilot Dolphins

  • Killer Whale

  • River Dolphin

Each distinct population of the dolphins stem from a DNA code, with each species they have very diverse codes which set them all apart from one another. Through the DNA code this is how the researchers discovered each identity from the different species of each dolphin. The kind of dolphin you see in a particular area will depend on the environmental factor like the temperature and if there is enough nourishment. The time of year also is an important factor and this is due to the heftyjourney efforts of many dolphins.

Definitely the most common of all the dolphins is the Bottlenose. This kind of dolphin is the one peoples see the most especially in movies, books and if you happen to visit an aquarium. The Bottlenose dolphin is very intelligent and easy to train.

They are also more than likely to approach a human in the wild than any other kind. The River dolphin lives in the freshwater and they are found in a selection of rivers around Asia and South America. These dolphins are in an average size of eight feet when they are fully matured. They are also considered to be the smallest of the other dolphins and come in three different colors such as gray, black and brown.

The dolphin that is called Roughed Tooth is harder to be spotted when they are in the water because they prefer to be in a deep location. These beautiful mammals can weigh up to three hundred and fifty pounds and be around eight and a half feet long. They also feature a long like beak and have a small head plus they are missing the crease that is common on the melon that all the other mammals have.

The Risso has a head that is square shaded these mammals do not have any teeth in the upper part of their jaw but they have a few pegs like teeth on the bottom of their jaw. These dolphins are normally found in captivity on exhibition because they flourish in such an atmosphere.

The Striped Dolphin is a gorgeous mammal who has white and blue stripes on its body that is how it got its name. This kind of species has been known to have the maximum of all in population and the largest total circulation of that particular population.

All people enjoy seeing these mammals perform whether it is in the wild or when they are at an aquarium. It has been known by researchers who have found items from the Roman times and the Ancient Greek that the Common dolphin is simple, humble and much respected all the way back to the timely cultures. The amazing Dusky dolphin prefers the cooler water temperatures and they can be seen in the coastal regions.

Out of all the different species of the dolphins the most powerful one of all is the Killer whale. This mammal has a lot of strength and is very huge in size. When they are searching for food they have no problem taking down a seal and they have to do this because of the high volume of food they need to consume daily. The social dolphin is the Pilot whale which weighs around five thousand pounds and can be twenty four feet long. This species is vulnerable to the pollution in their habitation. That was just a little information on some of the species of the dolphins. Each one is very special and unique in its own way.

Interesting Facts

  • A dolphin does not smell good

  • A young dolphin will stay with their mother for a length of two to three years

  • Dolphins are like cows as they also have two stomachs. One is to store food the other is to digest it

  • Some dolphins are able to dive up to one thousand feet

  • Every dolphin has a dorsal fin and this is how each one is identified because of the uniqueness of it

  • A dolphin can swim twenty five miles per hour for quite a while. That has been known to be three times as fast as any human.

  • Dolphins have been known to live up to seventeen years. Also the dolphins that live in the wild and been researched by scientists have lived around fifty years. Dolphins have a very intense bond when they are in a pod. This is where people have witnessed the mammals carrying for the elderly, sick and those that have been injured somehow. They keep them safe.

  • Dolphins are normally very gentle and mild tempered but they have been known to be aggressive

  • Another reason for the dolphin being unique is because of their retina. They can see great while being under water because it can gather the light.

  • Dolphins have around one hundred teeth. They grab their prey with it but do not chew they swallow their food whole.

People enjoy watching dolphins whether it is up close or from a far. A lot of people will pay to be driven out in the ocean to get a closer look at them. Taking pictures or videos of them as they swim beside the boat they are in or a little away from it.

The way they leap from the water and dive back in seems to fascinate a lot of people and children as well. You can feed a dolphin, too. Most people are allowed to do this as long as they are with someone who has been trained to handle dolphins like at an aquarium.

Dolphin’s skin is delicate therefore it can be torn by a surface such as rough rocks in the waters or debris. For many years now dolphins have also been in danger because in some countries their meat is a delicacy. It is against the law to kill a dolphin and people try to be aware of the situation, but sometimes the poachers can outsmart the coastguards.

The reason the food is so popular by certain countries is because of the mercury in the meat. There have been organizations that protest on docks and in local communities letting the poachers and other people know how they feel about the situation and it has to stop. In some countries it has slowed down a little so in time there will be no more killings of these fascinating creatures.


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