Healthy Cooking for Your Family

The health of your family is incredibly important, poor health can lead to chronic illnesses, obesity and a host of other issues. So preparing healthy meals at home for the family is a must.

For Kids Healthy Equals Yucky

Most kids cringe at the thought of eating healthy foods, they imagine the food will be tasteless, have an undesirable texture and that eating them will be an overall unpleasant experience so you can make appealing foods that are also healthy without them even knowing it.

Foods that Provide a Healthy Meal or Snack

If you want your family to eat healthier then there are a few common foods that should be added to you and your loved one’s every day diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the building blocks of a healthy diet and offer essential vitamins and minerals. Make sure that you buy fresh fruits and vegetables rather then canned and frozen as they are not as nutritious as fresh produce. Be careful that you do not over cook your vegetables either this can detract from the nutritional properties.

Lean Meats and Fish

When you are shopping for meats to cook for you family, you should buy leaner meats such as thin cut pork shops or pork tenderloin and lean ground beef rather then regular, boneless chicken breasts and turkey or chicken sausage rather then the fattier beef and pork. Don’t be afraid of seafood either, fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and is incredibly healthy for you and your family. So next time you go shopping stock up on salmon fillets, tilapia, cod or whatever fish that you find particularly tempting.

Avoid fatty foods

A key to a healthier diet is also avoiding foods with fats that are detrimental to your body as well as you cholesterol levels. You should avoid sugary sweets, potato chips and other foods containing hydrogenated fats and foods that are heavily processed. You do not have to cut them out entirely but make sure you and your family eats them in moderation.

Healthier Snacks

Not all of your snacks have to be healthy but try to prepare a few for you and your family. Substitute candies and pudding for all natural sweet granolas and yogurts, not only will they be better for you but you will feel better as well. Instead of salty popcorn with hydrogenated fats eat mixed nuts or whole grain popcorn as a healthy alternative.

Take a Classic Dish and Make it Healthy

You can re-vamp classic dishes to be healthier. Instead of frying pork chops for dinner with pre-made applesauce go that extra mile and broil lean pork chops and make your own applesauce from fresh apples or if it feels like a sandwich kind of night, then substitute turkey bacon for regular bacon in your BLTs and make them on whole grain breads rather then plain white.

Healthy cooking is all about taking what you already know and minor adjustments for healthier meals for your family.


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