How To Configure Your Home Theater Seating Arrangements

What Is the Best Seating Configuration in Home Entertainment?

One of the favorite past-times is to watch movies or play games in a home entertainment area used  to spend time with family, friends and as well alone. It may vary on how each personal system is set-up and its uses from watching movies with surround sound and all the movie theater benefits, gaming and exercising to quiet small-secluded areas for watching normal television.

Depending on the various functions your entertainment area will serve can dictate how you will want to arrange the seating and configure the best equipment and location for optimal viewing and gaming pleasure.

The options available for home theater systems can be quite affordable and through the roof depending on how elaborate, a system one wishes to create. Making a simple floor plan diagram of the favored area will help designate the type of equipment that is possible to fit and use efficiently in the given space. Several factors to figure will include size in width and height, tall ceilings can alter the acoustics and sound as well as large open areas will cause fluctuation. If the room is carpeted it will also change the dynamics of the stereo and sound versus hardwood or tiled floors.

If one does have hardwood or tiled floors, it may be best to purchase or use an area rug to help absorb sound. If using the entertainment area also for gaming, such as active games that include dancing or exercise it will be necessary to have a large area for at least 2 to more players to be able to move actively within a given 3 foot diameter per person and at least approximately an 8” to 12” foot advantage in distance from the television or monitor. For smaller living and entertainment, areas one will need to take measurements and may want to invest in a flat screen television or monitor.

Flat screen televisions that are hung on the wall will give the most space saving entertainment available for smaller areas and can supply variations in hidden television fixtures, and larger full wall sizing options. It is important to make sure that when hanging a flat screen that it is visually available from all seating points without straining the neck to look up.

With a friend or partner have one of you sit in each available position in your viewing area and mark the wall where the most comfortable viewpoint is centered. Once the designated height of your flat screen is determined, you can measure the available area to determine the size of flat screen options available.

When choosing a flat screen one will want to gain knowledge on distance the viewer will achieve the best picture or experience per that size and model of flat screen. Smaller areas with large wall space may still be best suited to smaller screen sizes if the viewer is relatively close to the screen.

Choosing equipment will depend greatly on the furniture and arrangement of the setting as with the given carpeting and acoustics. Surround sound and stereo systems are available for various types of acoustical areas and can enhance the most basic of entertainment systems. Many sound systems can now be mounted from the ceilings, walls and internally in the structures or furniture wirelessly within the viewing area.

Speaking with a sales professional for assistance in various options can greatly increase the prospect of matching the right equipment with the entertainment one is requiring.


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