How to Choose and Take Care of Upholstery

Keeping your upholstery items clean is more of a challenge than keeping your end tables clean, but it really is not a big problem. My best suggestion is for you to keep it dusted well. Remove those pillows and cushions and clean behind them. Keep the crevices clean. Wash your hands often (this will also keep down the number of colds in your family) and do not let any more sit in your good furniture when wearing garden clothes, gym clothes, or what-have-you clothes.

If you do all of the above, you are really doing all you should. If and when you are upholstery needs cleaning, it is best to let professional cleaning services do it, rather than handling it yourself. And remember, it is rarely a good idea to spot-clean upholstery.

While you may clean up the spot, you are often left with a bleached or faded are that is just as obvious as the spot was. Always have the entire piece cleaned at one time. You will be happy you did.

For your information, and to pass along to your cleaning service, consumers should be aware of the coding system. All upholstery manufacturers code their fabrics with a letter, and attach cleaning instructions to every item.

In most cases, the store at which you bought your upholstery can give you this information, or they can get it for you. If they do not have any information on the recommended cleaning method, or do not want to get it for you, I would suggest that you cancel the transaction and leave the store.

You do not want to do business with an organization that either does not know the facts or is dealing in such shoddy merchandise that the manufacturer does not conform to industry standards. Leave, leave, leave! There are many other good stores that will work hard for your business.

Here are the codes and recommended cleaning approaches:

“W” It is required to clean this type of fabric only with the foam of water-based cleaning solutions, in order to remove over-all soil. Keep in mind that a lot of the household cleaning ingredients might be harmful to the colour and damage the fabric. Dry cleaning by professionals is recommended twice a year. Frequent vacuum, to prevent over-all soil, or if you do not want to use the vacuum cleaner then light brushing will remove dust and grime.

“S” Experts advise you to clean this type of fabric with pure solutions, but only in well ventilated room. Open windows and doors, to be sure that the air is moving around the room. If you are not sure what you are doing then do not start the cleaning process, hire professionals to do it for you, or you risk to damage the fabric. Full-strength cleaners might cause shrinking, so it is better to clean with detergent-based or water based cleaners.

If you are not careful enough water stains may become permanent and difficult to remove. Professional house cleaners recommend to not use solvents that contain carbon tetrachloride, mostly because it is toxic and dangerous for your health. When cleaning use gloves and face mask, to protect your health. Vacuum frequently, to prevent over-all soil, or if you do not want to use the vacuum cleaner then light brushing will remove dust and grime.

“WS” To clean this fabric you need to use shampoo, foam or dry cleaning solution as desired. Saturating with liquid it not preferable. If you need to restore the pile fabric appearance then brush it. Remember that it is not recommended to remove or dry clean cushion covers.

“SW” Such as “S” fabric this one should also be cleaned in ventilated room, only using water-based cleaning solvents or pure cleaners. Dry cleaning twice a years is vital to extend the life of the fabric. Again vacuum and brush often to prevent dust and grime to occur.

“X” To keep it clean vacuum and brush regularly. Do not forget that water-based foam or commercial solvents-based cleaning products may cause fading or excessive shrinking.  

If you find the article useful then feel free to share it with your friends, all should know how to take care of their upholstery. You can leave a comment, if you agree or disagree with the written above.

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