What to Know About Warranties on Wood Furniture - The Basics

Frankly, you are not going to hear a lot about warranties on wood furniture. Low-end or less expensive producers of wood furniture rarely talk about a warranty, and upper end producers – who could talk about lifetime warranties if they wanted to – never do.

The problem is this: What are they going to warrant? The finish? We have already learned that sunlight and oxidation change all finishes on all wood pieces, no matter what they cost. Since manufacturers cannot control how a product will be handles in the home when it comes to sunlight, it is impossible to warrant against this problem. The same can be said for oxidation.

This leaves us with the way the item functions. No matter how badly it is treated, the function of a piece of wood furniture is seldom impaired: A dining table can still function as a dining table even if you have played soccer on it. It will not look good, but you could still have your dinner on it. So a function warranty is not practical.

What it boils down to is this: in all the years I spent in the furniture business, I never knew of a single problem that either the store that sold the, or the manufacturer that made the furnishing, did not correct. It may require a letter to the president of the company, but someone who feels badly used is usually only too ready to write a letter.

The furniture industry, both retailing and manufacturing, is the most pro-consumer industry I have ever seen. In fact, it is pro-consumer to a fault. Sadly, not all consumers are honest about what created the problem they have with an item of furniture that is not right for them. But even when this blatant deception, which happens occasionally, the consumer complaint is, in almost all cases, handled in the consumer's favour.

One reason for this is that the manufacturer work very closely with the retailer to ensure item of furniture delivered to a customer has been “deluxed” by the retailer. Each piece of furniture that comes of the manufacturer's crate is run through the retailer's back room touch-up, repair, and deluxing program. Any problem should be caught at this point.

Does it always happen? No, but it does with almost all good retailers. This is part of their cost of doing business, according to professionals from move out cleaning in Sydney. Any problem not discovered in the back room becomes far more expensive to correct after the item is delivered to your home. So, as you can see, everyone has a big economic incentive to do it right the first time.


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