What to Know About Warranties on Wood Furniture II

Consumers are sometimes confused by the “open stock”. Furniture sales people may tell the customer that an items is open stock, implying that the piece will always be available from the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer will only produce a line of furniture as long as it sells well enough to warrant its production.

So, if you purchase a dresser, mirror, and two night stands, today and go back in six months to buy the five-drawer chest from the same collection, you may find the manufacturer has discontinued the group. Some furniture collections can be in production for five, ten, even twenty years. Others may have a life span of only one or two years.

One of the biggest complaints from consumers is that different items from the same collection do not match. Often it will be a colour match problem or a veneer pattern problem. We know that wood finishes are always undergoing change due to sunlight and other factors, so that an items produced in January may have a slightly different tone than a piece produced in September.

It is extremely difficult to ensure that all items being delivered to a customer came out of the factory at the same time. The simply is the nature of a business that deals, for the most part, with organic materials. Almost all wood problems could be eliminated if all manufacturers went to plastic veneers or plastic solids. Absolute matches could then be expected.

But the wonder of wood furniture is that it is so varied ad unique. Differences in wood grain and colour that bother some consumers should really be looked at as character – a plus, not minus. However, this is again a question of education and generally most problems begin with the information flow from the furniture sales-person to the consumer.

By not being completely honest (rarely intentional) and by not explaining the wonders of a natural product, a salesperson will leave a small percentage of consumers unprepared for what they receive. This is the basic cause of most problems.

Let me leave it at this: I do not believe you will ever have a problem with the furniture you buy, from any good retailer, that will not be corrected by either the retailer or by the manufacturer of the merchandise. Professionals from carpet cleaning in Sydney company believe they will even take care of you when you are wrong. I know, because I have seen happen repeatedly. Relax. Furniture will be most trouble-free experience in consumer purchasing.


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