How To Keep Insects Away From Rose Bushes

Insects Can Find Roses Quite Tasty and Protection Can Be Easy

Roses are the queens of the garden and flower bed and they are quite delicate in growing though their thorns may seem to be quite dangerous their fragile petals and leaves are tasty treats for many insects. Some insects and scavengers can deplete an entire bush in just a matter of days if the roses have not been properly protected. Depending on the region and location will determine the various insects and pests you will need to protect your roses from.

Keeping a clean flower bed or garden is the first defense in fighting pests. Weeds and other dead vegetation from the roses can invite and harbor pests. By keeping the beds clean and removing all dead leaves or flowers will help in controlling the pests and insects. Weeds should be pulled regularly and disposed of not left in the bed. Using the right mulch can also help with insect infestations as some mulch may attract pests. Keeping roses fed and healthy will also help them to be immune to small infestations that are treated immediately. Any damaged flowers or leaves from insects should be removed even if they have not died yet.

Protection of your roses will involve that you monitor them on a regular basis and if you are pruning and cleaning your beds as necessary it should be easy to spot insects before an infestation can occur. Some will say that visiting their beds daily and checking the bushes are the best defense. When checked daily pests can simply be removed by hand or shaken from the plants and disposed of properly.

Also, there are several items that are made to treat against insects and specifically for roses and rose varieties. Using a general insecticide can potentially harm and kill roses so it is important to find the proper type of rose protection. There are various products that are organic and some household remedies can also be used to treat against diseases and insects.

Many rose friendly insecticides will display on their label that they are safe or used specifically for roses. These types can be very effective when used properly and following the usage guidelines stated on the label is also very important. Over or under usage of the product can have consequences that could also endanger your roses. If roses are bedded with other plants and vegetation it is also necessary to check if the insecticide will affect the other plants. Some types of oils can be applied to just the roses while a spray or soil additive can affect other plants.

Follow all guidelines and safety measures to insure that you are protecting your roses safely. One favorable treatment for roses that is completely organic involves friendly partner planting. Garlic will deter several pests from even thinking about coming close to your rose bushes and planting a few bulbs at the base of your bushes and throughout the bed and along the border can be a very beneficial deterrent to pests and keep your roses full and healthy.


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