Decorating Tips For A Small Outdoor Garden

Owning a small outdoor garden is the perfect opportunity to create an additional living space decorated with everything nature has to offer. A creatively constructed garden can be a place to relax and entertain all year around. Transforming a small outdoor space into an inviting oasis is only a matter creating visually pleasing spaces with layers of texture.

One of the easiest ways to transform your garden into an extension of your house is to add beautiful outdoor furniture. Benches, tables and chairs can be scattered throughout the garden to provide an inviting place to enjoy the view. Garden furniture is available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every taste.

Separating areas with visual barriers, if done correctly, can increase the visual size of your garden and make it very inviting. A patio surrounded with gorgeous containers filled with plants is a great way to direct the eye into the garden. Paving stones and trellises are other great ways to visually separate garden spaces.

You want your outdoor garden to be an extension of your living space. Making these areas flow together in a cohesive way is an important part of bringing these spaces together. Don't be afraid to use elements that are traditionally for indoor use to tie indoor and outdoor spaces together and make your garden an inviting place to gather. Billowing curtains separate spaces creating room like hideaways.

Large outdoor rugs add softness and three-dimensional visual interest to areas with patio furniture. Paintings can be hung on outdoor walls to add colour even when nothing is in bloom. Strategically placed outdoor chairs provide a comfortable place to relax and socialize. Large vases can be used as planting containers to add vertical interest.

Lighting is a key factor to consider when decorating a small garden. Lighting adds dimension and sparkle and can make your space seem so much larger than it actually is. A small outdoor chandelier above a table and chairs adds an elegant touch to any evening activity. Small solar lanterns spaced throughout the garden light the way and invite exploration. Candles are a classic way to add a glittery touch to night time outdoor entertaining.

Add depth and texture to your outdoor space by utilizing every surface. Trellises are a great way to make the most of vertical spaces. There are many lovely flowering vines that stay green all year and provide spots of colour during the warmer months.

Sam Martin is an Interior Design Consultant/Stylist, for Super A-Mart - Australia's leading Furniture Retailer, who writes about interior design and loves to help people transform their homes, rooms and spaces into their ideal living spaces. If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information about choosing the right Super A-Mart Outdoor Settings & Accessories.


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