Winter Landscaping Ideas

It’s freezing out there and most of your blooms and greens are asleep for the cold months. But even so, there are ways to perk up your landscape design and make it a beautiful wonderland. Yes, landscaping can still be fun even during the frosty season.

Since winter will come whether we like it or not, it’s best to plan ahead for your winter landscaping projects. You’ll want a landscape design that is a feast for the eyes and not just a shimmering white expanse while you shovel snow off your walk.

Evergreens, conifers, and berries

A common plan would be to have planted evergreens, conifers, and winter berries. Good. All the green and gold and red are taken care of. Different types of conifers also have various-colored cones. Make sure they’re artfully distributed around your landscape design and voila! You’ve got a colorful winter landscape. But you can add more drama with a string of fairy lights or small lamps. You can string tiny lights around each shrub or dangle them from the branches. Another option would be to position a small lamp in the middle of a berry bush for a soft glow.

For an extra sparkly landscape design, paint pine cones a neon color or sprinkle colored glitter on ordinary brown pine cones. Landscaping is easy when you have a few craft techniques you can apply to nature.

Snow and ice

If you’re on a patch of the planet that has tons of snow in the winter, this landscaping tip will prove to be a cinch. Don’t just build one regular snowman. Create snowman scenes—Calvin and Hobbes style! Of course, the scenes should preferably portray happy holiday themes. Get out those old socks, buttons, canes, and other unused accessories and use them to dress up your snowmen.

If you have a lot of free time and a large enough lawn or yard, you can make a whole army of snowmen—pretty much like the terra cotta warriors of China. Level up your landscaping by skipping the snowman altogether and creating snow sculptures instead: giant colored snow cones, ice castles, snow letters spelling out Merry Christmas or even your names! Your landscape design will surely slow down traffic on your rode and provide topic for animated conversations.

Make DIY ice globes by filling balloons with water and adding food color. After they’re frozen, cut off the balloons and you get multicolored ice globes you can use to line up your walk or window sill. You can also arrange them in a pattern on your lawn. If you’re using the store-bought kind of ice globes, you can add different colored lights inside for a whimsical landscape design.

Extra tips

If you don’t have winter plants or conifers and you’re stuck with bare branches, there’s still hope. Remember that outdoor lighting is very much a part of landscaping in winter. String those scraggly branches with string lights or tube lights that spell out Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Ornamental grass is also a good landscape design option. Besides their varying colors, they are hardy enough to survive the cold weather.

Put candles in mason jars and position them among the branches for a cozy landscape design. You can also use old wine bottles with small lights in them.

Winter landscaping won’t be a challenge once you put your imagination, creativity and ingenuity to work. And if all else fails, you can always resort to the Santa-reindeer-and-sleigh décor or the traditional nativity scene and other lighted store-bought winter trimmings. After all it’s the spirit of the season that you want to convey.


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