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At, we believe that our loyal authors should be rewarded, and so to help you get more exposure for your articles, for every ten approved articles you can get a placement in either the Featured Authors, or Featured Articles on the home page.

How does it work?

When you complete ten articles, simply send us a message via the contact form stating that you wish to take a featured spot, which spot you wish to take (Article, or Author), and if necessary, the article you wish to feature.

How long will I be featured?

That depends - we offer the spots in rotation, so you will be featured until someone pushes you out of the featured spot. Since we have four featured article spots, this means if you feature an article, the fourth subsequent featured article will push you out.

Does the quality of the article I want to feature matter?

We will feature any approved article you ask us to, however, you will gain more benefit by featuring your best article. Since the article will be appearing on the homepage, you will get many more views, higher quality articles will get more social shares (hence even more exposure and a higher chance of turning viral) than lower quality articles.

How many articles can I feature?

Every ten articles you write, you can get a new article featured, there is no fixed limit.

Does my article need to be from the most recent ten articles I've written?

No, we have no restriction on that, you can also feature an article multiple times if you so wish.

I have more questions!!

Send us a message via the contact form, we'll be more than happy to help. :)