Naomi Campbell's Hair Loss - Traction Alopecia

After years of speculation, super model Naomi Campbell has hit the headlines again regarding her hair, as she was seen exposing her very obvious receding hair line a few days ago.

Not being one to slip through the net, Naomi has made some effort to cover up her head with hair pieces, however as the piece in question wasn’t applied professionally, she found the piece falling off after diving in Ibiza – not something you want to worry about on holiday! But, what Naomi Campbell may not know is that all of this bother could have been easily avoided with a professionally applied hair piece – one that doesn’t require any surgery to attach.

It is thought that Naomi Campbell is suffering from traction alopecia – this is the form of hair loss which is more often than not, associated with the over use of hair extensions and hair styling tools (such as hair straighteners and curling tongs). The super model isn’t alone, as roughly one third of the population has found some form of hair loss at a point in their lives; which is why there are so many options when finding a way to deal with it.

Traction alopecia is the body’s way of saying that the hair follicles have been under too much strain over a sufficient time period, which is usually the way with glue in hair extensions as they put intense pressure on the follicles, weighing them down and eventually forcing them to fall. A much healthier and less intrusive alternative for Ms Campbell would have been a non-surgically applied hair piece, for example those produced at Bloomsbury of London. The hair systems from Bloomsbury of London are individually measured and made according to the style in which you desire, and all hair pieces are ethically sourced.

Ethically sourcing hair means that there is no contribution to the ever expanding amount of exploitation in the hair industry – for example in Asia, where most leading hair loss companies will source the hair they use in hair pieces, most women are forced to shave their head or are being misled to believe that they are cutting their hair as a religious rite of passage, when in reality, the hair is being shipped overseas and sold for extortionate amounts of money. The hair harvest procedure at Bloomsbury of London is what really distinguishes this clinic apart from the others, as each hair piece can trace its roots as the hair used has been willingly sold to the company, with the donor receiving full profit.


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