Marina and The Diamonds and her Hair Loss

She may be more well known as the beautiful songstress famous for her wacky style and arguably ‘Primadonna’ like attitude, but one thing that Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds didn’t let her adoring fans know about straight away was her battle with hair loss. While the talented singer / songwriter is associated with a head of thick, shoulder length almost jet black hair, Diamandis has actually just come out about her use of a wig for the time that she was battling with bald patches.

In recent months, Marina and the Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis has actually been wearing a wig, however, unlike the majority of British people who suffer from some forms of hair loss, hers wasn’t a medical disorder – but the singer was left with the same emotions and frustration that would be expected from anyone who notices any form of their hair falling out.

The problem began after the Marina and the Diamonds singer visited an LA hair salon just before a photo shoot, who commented that Marina had ‘a bit of breakage at the back’. Shortly after she made the comment, the hair dresser had cut a substantial amount of hair. In order to blend the rest of her locks in, Marina and the Diamonds Diamandis had the rest of her hair cut very short.

Understandably, when you are Marina and the Diamonds, you spend a large amount of time in the public eye, which is why Marina preferred to hide her hair loss from the public. When appearing on camera and at red carpet events, Marina ‘bought a wig and painted the roots black’ to blend the hair piece in with her natural, and more recognisable distinctive hair. To make herself more comfortable with the wig, she wore a ribbon over it. Luckily for Marina, this worked to her advantage, as she comments ‘the ribbon became part of my look. I wore the wig for nine months, nobody knew’.

Another advantage for Marina is that her hair loss was only temporary, whereas those with severe hair loss disorders such as some strains of alopecia are permanent. Sometimes the hair that is lost will not grow back, but there is a solution. If you are suffering from hair loss for any reason – whether it is as a form of alopecia, trichotillomania or as a result of medical treatments (for example chemotherapy) contact Bloomsbury of London today.


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