How to Implement a Fringe into your Hair Style

All year round we wish for the warm weather and eagerly await the arrival of the summer, but once the sun is upon us, it seems difficult to decide how to style the hair so that we are totally adapted for a sticky face and fast approaching grease in the follicles – which is why it may have been strange at first for celebrities to coin new fringes just in time for the beginning of the summer, however, when looking at the finishing style of their new appearance – the reason is crystal clear!

The benefits of having a fringe are many – and are much more than just a reason to wear less make up – in fact, when cut correctly in correlation to the face shape, a fringe is the perfect way to frame the face and compliment the features.

Lea Michele is known for her youthful looks, but recently she has been hitting headlines for all the right reasons after stepping out sporting a new blunt, square cut fringe. Lea is famously insecure about her facial features, but adding a fringe to her look book was definitely a wise move and her features are made to appear much smaller and more feminine. As well as a fringe, Lea Michele got caramel highlights mixed in with her dark brown locks too – and she looks great.

In a more shocking a controversial move, Miley Cyrus also added a fringe to her hair style, at the same time as losing most of the rest of her luscious locks. Miley’s fan base as well as fashion critics everywhere went into overdrive recently as the teen Disney star dramatically went for the chop in a big way – cutting off all of her gorgeous brown hair in favour of adopting a new, bright blonde, rocker pixie cut. The sides were cut much shorter than the top, which was left flopping over the side of her face and acting as a cute side fringe. While most of us would never pull off such a strong look, Miley actually did so beautifully, and still looks great!

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