The Style of the Celebrities who Attended Paris Fashion Week 2012

While it is always exciting to watch the models in fashion shows strut their stuff down the catwalk in beautiful designer clothes, another aspect of fashion shows that is equally anticipated by the adorning fashion fans internationally is having a look at who was present (in terms of celebrities) at the shows.

This is why it was with great keenness that Paris fashion week 2012 was so wonderful, because the celebrities who attended have all made their mark in the fashion world for a different, equally well deserved reason.

She may not have been starring in the runway walk this season, but model Natalia Vodianova was certainly not going to miss a show at Paris fashion week. The gorgeous supermodel took her seat on the front row of the Givenchy show looking super fresh with a beautiful navy blazer and skirt suit and her hair in a high fashion up do. Her hair was combed back off of her face and secured into a medium height ponytail.

Another celebrity who looked stunning at the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week was Alicia Keys. Known for her elegant and chic sense of style, the super talented singer hit the front row with a tailored style, in a long sleeved white shirt and black trousers. Sporting a deep side parting and more naturally styled wavy hair, Alicia could have rocked the runway!

One star who we are yet to conclude judgement over regarding her hair style choice for Paris fashion week 2012 was Katy Perry. The more daring singer is no stranger to outrageous hair styles, which is why her blue locks, sported at the Viktor and Rolf show was no surprise. It was however, not something that was instantly appealing. It looked as though Perry was from another dimension!

Another model who did get it right was Tali Lennox. Arriving at the Dior show at Paris fashion week 2012, Lennox stunned in a red blazer and a black pencil skirt, but it was her glamorous hair style that stole the show. Tali parted her hair in the centre, paired with a sophisticated up to.

She kept two wide strands at the front of her head to neatly frame her face. While a look like this is usually much easier to pull off with thicker hair, some people are not as lucky as Lennox in terms of their natural locks. If you are looking for a thicker, natural head of hair, contact Bloomsbury of London today.


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