Some Short Hairstyles For Men - The Popular Ones

Men are usually more comfortable messing and experimenting with their hair, especially men with short hair. Though there are several popular hairstyles for men with short hair, it might not necessarily look great on every face. The haircut style and its adaptability would usually depend on the shape of the head and the facial features of the individual. A specific hair cut might not look the same on different individuals and there are certain instances when the individual would have to deal with some variances. However, the variances would differ depending on how short the hair has been cut.

Mens Hairstyles Short - Crew Cut

The crew cut is probably the most classic and oldest of the several short hair styles for men. It looks best on individuals with medium-sized heads and oval-shaped faces. The reason why individuals with larger facial features or heads are not recommended to sport this hair cut is due to the fact that crew cuts on larger heads make the facial features look more prominent. A crew cut is apt when the hair on the back and the sides of the head are trimmed short. The top portion of the head has longer hair and is combed backwards.

Mens Hairstyles Short - Burr and Buzz Haircuts

Buzz and crew haircuts are two different hairstyles; however, there are some people who tend to get confused between the two. The major and perhaps the only difference is that with a buzz cut, the hair on the entire head is cut short, with very little hair remaining for maintenance. Burr haircuts are also pretty much the same; the real difference being the hair is cut even shorter.

Mens Hairstyles Short - Fade Cuts

Fade haircuts are pretty similar to a crew cut. The primary distinctive aspect is that the hair gets shaved to the skin, both on the back and sides of the head. The hair is then faded or tapered into the hair at the top so that the blend-in appears quite natural. Fade cuts are usually donned by U.S. Marines and it is called Medium Regulation in the marines.

Mens Hairstyles Short - Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a very popular men's haircut. For this cut, the hair at the top is cut short and then gets combed down as shorter bangs. The bangs can be kept in place with the help of some hair gel. The hair cut is named in the honor of Julius Caesar and what many people believe was his haircut, the Caesar cut has been used or donned by several notable personalities in the entertainment industry.

Short Men's Hairstyles - Tousled Cut

A tousled, short look has been sported by many male celebrities. The ease of maintenance is one of the major reasons for the popularity of this hair style. Post a slight cut, the hair gets tousled and some shape is given to define every section of the hair. In order to keep the tousled look in place for a couple of days, a high quality hair gel should be applied. The gel would also add some sheen to the hairstyle.

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