Products That Won't Fade Hair Color

There's not a single hair coloring product that will stay on your hair permanently. All hair coloring products tend to fade overtime due to various external conditions.

The hair dye molecules form a bond with your hair by penetrating it deeply and help provide you with a new color. But the bond can be broken or its effectiveness reduced overtime due to a variety of external factors such as sunshine, water, growth of new hair, etc.

Fortunately, there are some methods that you can use to prevent the fading of hair color. It slows down the fading and allows you to keep your new color for longer.

With that said, here are some of the products that won't fade hair color...

1. Color Extending Shampoos

One of the main things that fade your hair color and the effectiveness of the dye molecules is water. Water tends to wash away these molecules and fade your hair color. This is because of the various minerals and chemicals that water contains. These minerals aren't harmful in anyway. But they just rid your hair of its color.

The solution... color extending shampoos. Color extending shampoos help act as a shield between the dye molecules in your hair and the water. They prevent water from washing away the dye molecules by coating your hair.

There are different color extending shampoos for different hair colors. The effectiveness of each of these shampoos heavily depends on your hair color, hair health, etc.

By applying a decent color extending shampoo whenever you wash your hair, you can significantly slow down the fading process. What does this mean to you? Less money spent on salon appointments and more time saved.

2. Ultra Violet Radiation Shielding Conditioners

Sunlight is another threat to your hair color. The ultra violet radiations and certain frequency radiations from the Sun are capable of nullifying the dye molecules in your hair and making your hair color fade faster.

If you have a hard time believing this, we recommend you try it out for yourself. See how long does the hair color take to completely fade in winter when you have little exposure to sunlight and how soon the hair color fades in the summer.

The solution to this situation is to make use of conditioners and shampoos that contain UV shields. Look for hair products that offer a UV shield. Hair products just like sunscreens come with UV shields.

Make sure that you search for a conditioner or a shampoo that provides UV protection and purchase that. You just have to shell a few dollars extra for a shampoo with the UV shield versus the one without the shield.

3. Deep Conditioners

If you suffer from dry hair or your hair tends to dry out very quickly, we strongly recommend a deep conditioning treatment to treat your hair and make it moist, soft and silky smooth.

Your hair may have the lost the ability to retain moisture due to various external conditions such as dust, chemicals, etc. In that case, your only solution is to make use of conditioners and shampoos regularly.

If the usual shampoos and conditioners that you use don't work after a period of time, a deep conditioning treatment is your only choice. A deep conditioning treatment will help restore the moisture for your hair and make it silky smooth.

The best part is... it prevents any hair discoloration happening anytime soon. So feel free to dye whatever color you like and just live with confidence.

4. Hair Gloss Products

Do you want to keep your hair shining and vibrant all the time? Do you want your color to stay on your hair without fading quickly? Then, we suggest that you give some hair gloss products a try.

The hair gloss products work just like color extending shampoos. But the main purpose of these products is to make your hair sparkle and create a lustrous feel.

Secondarily, these products also shield the dye molecules and prevent them from being washed away or fade due to any external environmental agents such as radiations, water and other chemicals.

If you've never applied a glossing product before, we strongly recommend you to visit the colorist and have him/her do it for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can start applying it on your own. Make sure that you don't overdo it.

Keep a balance as that's what makes your hair look attractive. Apply too much gloss and you'll create the exact opposite effect (which is like dabbing your entire hair with coconut oil in entirety).

What really makes your hair color last?

There are actually two main substances that are used in every major hair coloring product that help make your hair color last without fading.

In addition to these ingredients, there are also other chemicals such as alcohols and other carbon compounds that are actively used to help make the hair color last longer. The exact chemicals used will be dependent on the hair color brand that you've purchased.

The two key ingredients that prevent your hair color from fading are:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent which when used in the right quantities will allow the hair dye molecules to penetrate your hair faster and help your hair last longer. But when you use too much of Hydrogen Peroxide, you can actually create the opposite effect. Hair is rich in Sulfur.

High concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide can cause the hydrogen molecules to react with Sulfur molecules and lead to loss of sulfur from your hair. When sulfur concentration reduces in your hair, it tends to become a lot more dry and hardened.

That's why manufacturers never use more than 30% of Sulfur in their coloring products.

2. Ammonia

Ammonia is a compound that is used because it acts as a catalyst. It's more of a promoter of the reaction - it helps the hair dye molecules form a quicker bond with your hair by promoting the reaction. It leads to magical results.

But Ammonia has been frowned upon by the general public for a lot of reasons. If you don't like ammonia, you can always find a different product from another manufacturer whose hair coloring products do not contain Ammonia


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