How to Deal With Loneliness - Getting Your Life Back

Loneliness is a curse. Feeling of loneliness is so overwhelming it can be a killer for your emotional and mental health. If it grips you may even feel alone even when you are surrounded by dozens of people. A sense of emptiness that tugs at your heart, feeling disconnected from everyone, a constant sadness, resentment, anxiety all adds up as symptoms of loneliness.

Every one of us has experienced loneliness at some point in their lives. There would hardly be anyone who has never gone through the mental agony of being alone in this whole wide world. But why loneliness creeps onto you, have you ever wondered.

Well loneliness may knock at door at any time given a number of reasons and it brings along a lot of other emotions as well, which if not taken care of at the right time may over power you. Before going over the consequences of loneliness, let’s get to know what causes it to occur at the first place.

Loneliness can come into your life due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • It may creep into your life if you don’t have enough friends.

  • Inability to gel with people often accompanies loneliness. Even not being accepted by people you like to friends with may also bring forth loneliness.

  • A whole new situation may also trigger it. A sudden break up or a completely new neighborhood often brings a feeling of loneliness.

  • It may also be caused by a job promotion or transfer you were not expecting as this takes you away from all the people you were once friends with.

  • Even a routine life can also be the reason for loneliness. It is so because a routine life comes with boredom and it goes hand in hand with loneliness.

  • Even people who are successful and popular, they may often feel lonely as they may not have found that one friend to pour their heart out to.

No matter who you are or where you are from you cannot escape loneliness no matter how much you wish it to go away. However, like both sides of a coin loneliness also has both negative and positive aspects. On the positive side, for many ways than one it is healthy as it is a part of being human. It reminds you that it’s time for change;it’s time to meet new people and explore various other things in life you never paid attention to.

On the other hand if it overpowers you it may lead to severe depression, which is certainly not a good sign. Now the question is how you can deal with it. Well there are many ways to cope with loneliness and some of them are constructive as well. Here’s a list of things you can try out to overcome loneliness.

  • The first step of the way in understanding that you are lonely. Realize it very normal to feel alone and everybody feel the same way at some point. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you, just that it’s time to get out of your mundane boring life and be attentive to your surroundings and yourself. However you must understand the dissimilarity between solitudeandloneliness. The former is when you are dying to meet other people and unhappy to sit alone at your place and the later is when you like being alone and spending time with yourself only. So if you are feeling lonely start by thinking that today is the last day on earth that I will ever be alone.

  • Try to develop interest in new things and activities or you can also rekindle an old hobby as well.

  • Be around people as much as you can. Call some friends and go out with them even if they are not the kind of people you want to be with at that moment. Try to listen to what the other person has to say rather than talking all about you and boring the other person to death. This will simply help you connect with people in a better way.

  • Be observant and curious to your surroundings and you will see there’s a lot to learn from your surroundings and from your daily life.

  • Joining an online community or social networking sites may also be a good idea as this will give you an opportunity to meet with new people.

  • You may also think about joining community service as well.

  • Pay more attention to yourself as well as to your relationships. Spend quality time with your family.

  • Getting a pet may also serve as an excellent choice when it comes to overcoming loneliness.

  • Take a stroll in your nearest park or go visit a planetarium, museum or just a nearby shopping mall.

  • Listening to music or reading an uplifting book may also be a great remedy to loneliness and may take the boredom away for a while.

  • Last but not least, take your mind of your loneliness. So stay busy as much as you can. Whether work or extracurricular activities always be on your toes and you will have no time to feel alone.

When life gets rough and you become lonely, don't get caught up in negative thinking. You can change it if you truly want to.


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