Chocolate Cravings-Are There Medications to Help You Stop Them
From time to time, a good number of people experience cravings, especially for sugary food.  Chocolate cravingsare on the top of the list for many people.  Biologically, it happens when there is a low sugar level in the body.
The body therefore, sends a message to the brain leading to sugar cravings. Most of the people who are victims, have found it hard when dealing with it. Nevertheless, one can curb the cravings through a combination of healthy exercises and dietary changes.
There are so many ways that can help you stop chocolate cravings. First, you can do substitution. This means you can take a healthy food, and eat it in the place of chocolate.  For instance, you can eat tasty fruits such as pineapple, strawberries and watermelon.
Fruits contain fewer calories, and are more beneficially recommended than chocolate.  The fact that water has no calories, and is vital for your health; it is a remedy to chocolate cravings. When the feeling hits you drink a glass of cold water.
 It is also advisable that you reduce over indulgence of sugar in your diet.  Eating too much of a sugary food can lead to addiction.  Sugary items such as chocolate enhance the growth of certain bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which will have your body wanting sugary food all the time.  
Chocolate cravings can be healed by fulfilling it with other options.  Your body may be lacking an essential nutrient such as magnesium, in which chocolate is one of its sources. It is essential that your diet has enough magnesium to lower the cravings. 
Regular eating is another remedy to your cravings. When you skip meals it may lead to more extreme cravings. This is because during starvation, you experience low sugar, and you respond with cravings for something sugary to elevate your sugar level.  
Healthy exercise helps your brain generate the same chemicals that are created when you eat chocolate. Besides, you can consume something that is totally different from the chocolate that you are craving.  This automatically triggers your taste buds, and as a result cools down the feeling.  For example you can eat a snack full of spices and nutrients. Small portionsof darkchocolate can remove the craving also.
It is also possible to stop chocolate cravings by waiting it out. It is evident that cravings for any kind of food collapse after 15-20 minutes. You can consequently keep your self busy doing other tasks, and wait for it to disappear. Most people have emphasised that when they are distracted they forget, and the cravings disappear. Changing environments that tempt people with cravings eases the craving as well.
Most people boost their mood by consuming a chocolate which has contributed to their addiction.  You should involve yourself in other lifting activities besides chocolate.
With the information in hand, you can easily do away with chocolate cravings. Though, the procedure might be hard, and it seeks commitment. It is also advisable that you seek more information from a qualified physician. There is really no medication on the market that can cure a chocolate craving.


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