How to handle Emotional Tension

Emotional tension is something most people deal with, on some level, on a daily basis.  You cannot always control tense situations that provoke you to lose your temper or become distraught. Things happen to everyone that are out of our control.  

It is not the actual situation that is the problem, or the fact that you are experiencing emotional tension, it is how we handle it that matters most.  Emotional tension is inevitable, but not impossible to handle.
There are many tips for dealing with emotional tension.  The very first one is the easiest tip to follow and will benefit your health, as well.  It is as simple as taking a deep breath.  You will need to repeat the process a few times and in a manner that will benefit your body.  
It is not just as simple as breathing.  You will need to adopt correct exercises that are focused on breathing and performed consciously.  While you are busy with your daily routine, take time to pause and repeat easy breathing exercises.
You will need to focus on how to take in a deep breath so it will help eliminate stress.  Opening up the blocks to your consciousness will help clear your mind and make you more aware so you can improve tense and emotional situations.  
Not only will it put your mind in a tranquil state, but it will increase your learning ability and imagination.  This alone can improve any emotional tension, lead you to a relaxed physical state, and help you deal with the stresses of daily life.  
When you direct your body to take a deep breath during times of stress and tension, you are telling your body to relax.  
Focus on taking a deep breath from you abdomen, then deeply inhale from your nose for five seconds.  You have just supplied oxygen to your brain and blood which in turn will allow your body to relax and become calm.  Hold that breath for twenty seconds.  This will cleanse your blood and allow your immune system to kick in.  You are purifying your lungs and expelling oxygen to every part of your physique.
To fully feel the benefits of deep breathing, exhale the breath you have held for ten seconds, through your mouth.  This allows your body to release carbon monoxide, as well as other toxins.  For the best results, it is recommended that you find the perfect number of seconds you can hold with ease.  Once you have this figured out, you can begin implementing this technique when you feel emotionally tense.  
Just keep in mind that it is best to hold your breath as long as you can in a comfortable state, and exhale twice the amount of time that you took your breath in. This is a safe and healthy way of dealing with emotional tension.  It is easy to do, doesn’t cost you any money, and can be done virtually anywhere.  Replace your stress and strain with deep breathing and find out how happy and relaxing your life can be.  


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